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Missing Languages:

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CountryOfficial NameLanguageStatus
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanAimaq missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanAshkun missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanBrahui missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanDari Persianmissing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanDarwazi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanDomari missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanEastern Farsi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanGawar-Bati missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanGrangali missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanGujari missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanHazaragi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanJakati missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanKamviri missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanKarakalpak missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanKati missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanKazakh missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanKirghiz missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanMalakhel missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanMogholi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanMunji missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanNortheast Pashayi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanNorthern Pashto missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanNorthwest Pashayi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanOrmuri missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanPahlavani missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanParachi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanParya missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanPashtumissing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanPrasuni missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanSanglechi-Ishkashimi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanSavi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanShughni missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanShumashti missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanSouth Azerbaijani missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanSoutheast Pashayi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanSouthern Pashto missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanSouthern Uzbek missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanSouthwest Pashayi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanTajiki Spoken Arabic missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanTangshewi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanTirahi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanTregami missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanTurkmen missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanUyghur missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanWaigali missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanWakhi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanWarduji missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanWestern Balochi missing
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanWotapuri-Katarqalai missing
AlbaniaRepublic of AlbaniaAlbanian DONE
AlbaniaRepublic of AlbaniaGreekmissing
AlbaniaRepublic of AlbaniaMacedo Romanian missing
AlbaniaRepublic of AlbaniaMacedonian missing
AlbaniaRepublic of AlbaniaSerbian missing
AlbaniaRepublic of AlbaniaTosk Albanian missing
AlbaniaRepublic of AlbaniaVlax Romani missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaArabic missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaCentral Atlas Tamazight missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaChenoua missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaFrench missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaKabyle missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaKorandje missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaStandard Arabic missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaTachawit missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaTachelhit missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaTagargrent missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaTahaggart Tamahaq missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaTarifit missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaTaznatit missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaTemacine Tamazight missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaTidikelt Tamazight missing
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaTumzabt missing
AndorraPrincipality of AndorraCastilianmissing
AndorraPrincipality of AndorraCatalanmissing
AndorraPrincipality of AndorraFrench missing
AndorraPrincipality of AndorraPortuguese missing
AngolaRepublic of Angola!O!ung missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaAnguillan Creole English missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaBolo missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaChokwe missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaDiriku missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaEnglish missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaHolu missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaKoongo missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaKung-Ekoka missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaKwangali missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaKwanyama missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaKxoe missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaLaadi missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaLuchazi missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaLuimbi missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaLunda missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaLuvale missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaLuyana missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaMaligo missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaMashi missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaMbangala missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaMbukushu missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaMbunda missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaMbundu missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaMbwela missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaNdombe missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaNdonga missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaNgandyera missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaNkangala missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaNkhumbi missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaNsongo missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaNyaneka missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaNyemba missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaNyengo missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaPortuguese missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaRuund missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaSama missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaSan Salvador Kongo missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaUmbundu missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaYaka missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaYauma missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaYombe missing
AngolaRepublic of AngolaZemba missing
Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and BarbudaEnglish missing
Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and BarbudaEnglish missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicBasque missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicCentral Aymara missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicChirip? missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicFrench missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicItalienmissing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicIyojwa'ja Chorote missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicIyo'wujwa Chorote missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicKaiw? missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicMapudungun missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicMby? Guaran? missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicMocov? missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicNivacl? missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicOna missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicPilag? missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicPuelche missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicSantiago del Estero Quichua missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicSouth Bolivian Quechua missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicSpanish missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicTapiet? missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicTehuelche missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicToba missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicVilela missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicWelsh missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicWestern Argentine Guaran? missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicWich? Lhamt?s G?isnay missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicWich? Lhamt?s Nocten missing
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicWich? Lhamt?s Vejoz missing
ArmeniaRepublic of ArmeniaArmenian DONE
ArmeniaRepublic of ArmeniaAssyrian Neo-Aramaic missing
ArmeniaRepublic of ArmeniaLomavren missing
ArmeniaRepublic of ArmeniaNorth Azerbaijani missing
ArmeniaRepublic of ArmeniaNorthern Kurdish missing
ArmeniaRepublic of ArmeniaYezidimissing
ArubaArubaDutch missing
ArubaArubaEnglish missing
ArubaArubaPapiamentu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAdynyamathanha missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAlawa missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAlngith missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAlyawarr missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAmarag missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAmi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAndegerebinha missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAngloromani missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAnindilyakwa missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAnmatyerre missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAntakarinya missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaArabana missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAreba missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAtampaya missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaAyabadhu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaBadimaya missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaBandjalang missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaBandjigali missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaBardi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaBarrow Point missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaBayungu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaBidyara missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaBroome Pearling Lugger Pidgin missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaBunaba missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaBurarra missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaBurduna missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaCocos Islands Malay missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDarling missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDayi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDhalandji missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDhangu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDhargari missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDhuwal missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDirari missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDjambarrpuyngu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDjamindjung missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDjangun missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDjauan missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDjawi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDjeebbana missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDjinang missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDjinba missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDjingili missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDjiwarli missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDyaabugay missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDyaberdyaber missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDyangadi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDyirbal missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaDyugun missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaEastern Arrarnta missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaEnglish missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaErre missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaFlinders Island missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGadjerawang missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGagadu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGambera missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGamilaraay missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGanggalida missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGarawa missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGarig-Ilgar missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGiyug missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGooniyandi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGudanji missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGugadj missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGugu Badhun missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGugubera missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGuguyimidjir missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGumatj missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGungabula missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGunwinggu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGunya missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGupapuyngu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGuragone missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGurdjar missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGurinji missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaGuwamu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaIwaidja missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaJarnango missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaJaru missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKala Lagaw Ya missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKamu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKanju missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKaradjeri missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKayardild missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKaytetye missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKitja missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKokata missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKriol missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKukatja missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKuku-Mangk missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKuku-Muminh missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKuku-Ugbanh missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKuku-Uwanh missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKuku-Yalanji missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKumbainggar missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKunbarlang missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKunggara missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKunggari missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKunjen missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKurrama missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKuthant missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKuuku-Ya'u missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaKwini missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaLamu-Lamu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaLaragia missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaLardil missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaLimilngan missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMadngele missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaManda missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMandandanyi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMangarayi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMangerr missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMara missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMaranunggu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMargany missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMargu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMaridan missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMaridjabin missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMarimanindji missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMaringarr missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMarithiel missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMariyedi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMarti Ke missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMartu Wangka missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMartuyhunira missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMaung missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMayaguduna missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMbabaram missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMbariman-Gudhinma missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMeriam missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMiriwung missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMiwa missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMudbura missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMullukmulluk missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMuluridyi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMurrinh-Patha missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaMuruwari missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNakara missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNangikurrunggurr missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNgaanyatjarra missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNgadjunmaya missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNgalakan missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNgalkbun missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNgamini missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNgarinman missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNgarinyin missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNgarla missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNgawun missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNgura missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNgurmbur missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNhuwala missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNijadali missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNimanbur missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNungali missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNunggubuyu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNyamal missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNyangga missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNyangumarta missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNyawaygi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNyigina missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaNyulnyul missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaPakanha missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaPanytyima missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaPini missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaPinigura missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaPintiini missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaPintupi-Luritja missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaPitcairn-Norfolk missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaPitjantjatjara missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaPitta Pitta missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaRembarunga missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaRitarungo missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaThayore missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaThaypan missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaTiwi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaTorres Strait Creole missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaTyaraity missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaUmbindhamu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaUmbugarla missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaUmbuygamu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaUmpila missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaUradhi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaUrningangg missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWadjiginy missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWadjigu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWagaya missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWageman missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWajarri missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWakawaka missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWalmajarri missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWambaya missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWamin missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWangaaybuwan-Ngiyambaa missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWanggamala missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWangganguru missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWanman missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWaray missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWardaman missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWarlmanpa missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWarlpiri missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWarluwara missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWarrgamay missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWarrwa missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWarumungu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWarungu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWarungu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWestern Arrarnta missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWikalkan missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWikalkan missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWik-Epa missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWik-Iiyanh missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWik-Keyangan missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWik-Me'anha missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWikngenchera missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWilawila missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWiradhuri missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWirangu missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWorora missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWulna missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaWunambal missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaYandruwandha missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaYankunytjatjara missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaYanyuwa missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaYawarawarga missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaYawuru missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaYidiny missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaYindjibarndi missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaYindjilandji missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaYinggarda missing
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaYir Yoront missing
AustriaRepublic of AustriaAlemannisch missing
AustriaRepublic of AustriaBavarian missing
AustriaRepublic of AustriaSinte Romani missing
AustriaRepublic of AustriaSlovenian missing
AustriaRepublic of AustriaStandard German missing
AustriaRepublic of AustriaWalsertitsch missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanAvar missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanAzerbaijani Turkicmissing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanBudukh missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanJudeo-Tat missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanKhalaj missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanKhinalugh missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanKryts missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanLezgi missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanMuslim Tat missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanNorth Azerbaijani missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanNorthern Kurdish missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanTalysh missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanTsakhur missing
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanUdi missing
BahrainKingdom of BahrainArabic missing
BahrainKingdom of BahrainEnglish missing
BahrainKingdom of BahrainFarsimissing
BahrainKingdom of BahrainUrdumissing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshArakanese missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshAsho Chin missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshAssamese missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshBanglamissing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshBawm Chin missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshBengali missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshBishnupriya missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshBurmese missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshChak missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshChakma missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshChittagonian missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshDarlong missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshFalam Chin missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshGaro missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshHajong missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshHaka Chin missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshHo missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshKhasi missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshKhumi Chin missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshKoch missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshKok Borok missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshKurux missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshMegam missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshMeitei missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshMizo missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshMru missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshMundari missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshOraon Sadri missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshPankhu missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshPnar missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshRajbanshi missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshRiang missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshSantali missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshShendu missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshSylheti missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshTangchangya missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshTippera missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshUsui missing
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshWar missing
BarbadosBarbadosBajan missing
BarbadosBarbadosEnglish missing
BelarusRepublic of BelarusBelorussianDONE
BelarusRepublic of BelarusRussian missing
BelgiumKingdom of BelgiumDutch missing
BelgiumKingdom of BelgiumEuropanto missing
BelgiumKingdom of BelgiumFrench missing
BelgiumKingdom of BelgiumGermanmissing
BelgiumKingdom of BelgiumLimburgish missing
BelgiumKingdom of BelgiumLuxembourgeois missing
BelgiumKingdom of BelgiumPicard missing
BelgiumKingdom of BelgiumStandard German missing
BelgiumKingdom of BelgiumVlaams missing
BelgiumKingdom of BelgiumWalloon missing
BelizeBelizeBelize Kriol English missing
BelizeBelizeEnglish missing
BelizeBelizeGarifuna missing
BelizeBelizeKekch? missing
BelizeBelizeMop?n Maya missing
BelizeBelizePlautdietsch missing
BelizeBelizeSpanish missing
BelizeBelizeYucat?n Maya missing
BeninRepublic of BeninAguna missing
BeninRepublic of BeninAja missing
BeninRepublic of BeninAnii missing
BeninRepublic of BeninAnufo missing
BeninRepublic of BeninAyizo Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninBaatonum missing
BeninRepublic of BeninBiali missing
BeninRepublic of BeninBoko missing
BeninRepublic of BeninBorgu Fulfulde missing
BeninRepublic of BeninCi Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninDefi Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninDendi missing
BeninRepublic of BeninDitammari missing
BeninRepublic of BeninEastern Xwla Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninEde Cabe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninEde Ica missing
BeninRepublic of BeninEde Idaca missing
BeninRepublic of BeninEde Ije missing
BeninRepublic of BeninEde Nago missing
BeninRepublic of BeninFon missing
BeninRepublic of BeninFoodo missing
BeninRepublic of BeninFrench missing
BeninRepublic of BeninGbesi Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninGen missing
BeninRepublic of BeninGorgal Fulfulde missing
BeninRepublic of BeninGourmanch?ma missing
BeninRepublic of BeninGun missing
BeninRepublic of BeninHausa DONE
BeninRepublic of BeninIf? missing
BeninRepublic of BeninKabiy? missing
BeninRepublic of BeninKotafon Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninKura Ede Nago missing
BeninRepublic of BeninKyenga missing
BeninRepublic of BeninLama missing
BeninRepublic of BeninLukpa missing
BeninRepublic of BeninManigri-Kambol? Ede Nago missing
BeninRepublic of BeninMaxi Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninMbelime missing
BeninRepublic of BeninMiyobe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninMokole missing
BeninRepublic of BeninNateni missing
BeninRepublic of BeninNgangam missing
BeninRepublic of BeninNotre missing
BeninRepublic of BeninSaxwe Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninTchumbuli missing
BeninRepublic of BeninTem missing
BeninRepublic of BeninTofin Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninWaama missing
BeninRepublic of BeninWaci Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninWeme Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninWestern Xwla Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninXwela Gbe missing
BeninRepublic of BeninYom missing
BeninRepublic of BeninYoruba missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanAdap missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanBrokkat missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanBrokpake missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanBumthangkha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanChalikha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanChocangacakha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanDakpakha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanDzalakha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanDzongkha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanGongduk missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanKhengkha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanKurtokha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanLakha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanLayakha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanLepcha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanLhokpu missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanLunanakha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanNepali missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanNupbikha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanNyenkha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanOlekha missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanTibetan missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanTseku missing
BhutanKingdom of BhutanTshangla missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaAraona missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaAyoreo missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaBaure missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaBolivian Sign Language missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaCallawalla missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaCavine?a missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaCentral Aymara missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaCh?cobo missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaChipaya missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaChiquitano missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaEastern Bolivian Guaran? missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaEse Ejja missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaGuarayu missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaIgnaciano missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaItonama missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaIyo'wujwa Chorote missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaLeco missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaMovima missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaNorth Bolivian Quechua missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaPacahuara missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaPlautdietsch missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaReyesano missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaSirion? missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaSouth Bolivian Quechua missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaSpanish missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaTacana missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaTapiet? missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaToba missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaToromono missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaTrinitario missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaTsiman? missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaUru missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaWestern Bolivian Guaran? missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaWich? Lhamt?s Nocten missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaYaminahua missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaYuqui missing
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaYuracare missing
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovinaBosnian DONE
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovinaSerbianmissing
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovinaVlax Romani missing
BotswanaRepublic of Botswana!X?? missing
BotswanaRepublic of Botswana||Ani missing
BotswanaRepublic of Botswana||Gana missing
BotswanaRepublic of Botswana|Gwi missing
BotswanaRepublic of Botswana=|Hua missing
BotswanaRepublic of Botswana=|Kx'au||'ein missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaAfrikaans missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaBirwa missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaEnglish missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaGciriku missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaHerero missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaJu|'hoanmissing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaKalanga missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaKgalagadi missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaKhwe missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaKua missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaKuhane missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaMbukushu missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaNama missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaNambya missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaNaro missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaNdebele missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaShua missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaTsoa missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaTswana missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaTswapong missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaYeyi missing
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaZezuru missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAgavotaguerra missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAmahuaca missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAmanay? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAmap? Creole missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAmikoana missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAmundava missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAnamb? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilApala? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilApiac? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilApinay? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilApurin? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilArapaso missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilArawet? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilArikap? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAru? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilArutani missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAsurin? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAtorada missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAtruah? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAur? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAv?-Canoeiro missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilAwet? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilBakair? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilBanaw? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilBaniwa missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilBor?ro missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilBrazilian Sign Language missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilCafundo Creole missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilCal? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilCanela missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilCarib missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilCar?tana missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilCashinahua missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilChirip? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilCinta Larga missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilCocama-Cocamilla missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilCubeo missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilCulina missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilCurripaco missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilD?w missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilDen? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilDesano missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilEnawen?-Naw? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilFulni? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilGavi?o do Jiparan? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilGuaj? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilGuajaj?ra missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilGuanano missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilGuarequena missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilGuat? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilHimarim? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilHixkary?na missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilHupd? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilIapama missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilIkpeng missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilIngarik? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilIpeka-Tapuia missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilIr?ntxe missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilJabut? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilJamamad? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilJaru?ra missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilJ?ma missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilJur?na missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKabix? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKadiw?u missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKaing?ng missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKaiw? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKamayur? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKanamar? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKarahawyana missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKaraj? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKarapan? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKaripun? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKarip?na Creole French missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKariti?na missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKaro missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKatawixi missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKatuk?na missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKaxarar? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKaxui?na missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKayab? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKayap? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKohoroxitari missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKorubo missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKrah? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKreen-Akarore missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKrenak missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKreye missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKrikati-Timbira missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilKuik?ro-Kalap?lo missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMachinere missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMacuna missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMacushi missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMakur?p missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMandahuaca missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMapidian missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMaquiritari missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMar?bo missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMatipuhy missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMat?s missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMats?s missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMaxakal? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMby? Guaran? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMehin?ku missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMiarr? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMira?a missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMond? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMorerebi missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilMunduruk? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilNad?b missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilNhengatu missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilNinam missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilNorthern Nambiku?ra missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilOfay? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilOmagua missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilOro Win missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPaka?snovos missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPalik?r missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPanoan Katuk?na missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPapav? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPar? Ar?ra missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPar? Gavi?o missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilParakan? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilParec?s missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPaumar? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPemon missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPirah? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPiratapuyo missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPlautdietsch missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPokang? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPortuguese DONE
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPoyan?wa missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilPurubor? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilRikbaktsa missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSaban?s missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSakirabi? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSalum? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSanum? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSater?-Maw? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSharanahua missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSikiana missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSiriano missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSouthern Nambiku?ra missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSuruah? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSuru? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSuru? do Par? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSuy? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTapirap? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTariano missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTemb? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTenharim missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTer?na missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTicuna missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTor? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTrememb? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTri? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTruma? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTubar?o missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTucano missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTupar? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilTuyuca missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilUcayali-Yur?a Ash?ninka missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilUrub?-Kaapor missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilUru-Eu-Wau-Wau missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilUru-Pa-In missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilWaimaha missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilWaiwai missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilWapishana missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilWaur? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilWayampi missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilWayana missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilWayor? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilXav?nte missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilXer?nte missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilXet? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilXing? Asurin? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilXipaya missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilXiri?na missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilXokleng missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilYaminahua missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilYanom?mi missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilYanomam? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilYawanawa missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilYuhup missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilYurut? missing
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilZo'? missing
British & American Virgin IslandsVirgin IslandsEnglish missing
British & American Virgin IslandsVirgin IslandsVirgin Islands Creole English missing
BulgariaRepublic of BulgariaBalkan Romani missing
BulgariaRepublic of BulgariaBulgarian DONE
BulgariaRepublic of BulgariaCrimean Turkish missing
BulgariaRepublic of BulgariaGagauz missing
BulgariaRepublic of BulgariaGheg Albanian missing
BulgariaRepublic of BulgariaMacedo Romanian missing
BulgariaRepublic of BulgariaMacedonian missing
BulgariaRepublic of BulgariaRussian Sign Language missing
BulgariaRepublic of BulgariaTurkish missing
BulgariaRepublic of BulgariaVlax Romani missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoBambara missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoBiali missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoBissa missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoBolon missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoBomu missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoBuamu missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoCerma missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoCwi Bwamu missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoDagaari Dioula missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoDogos? missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoDogoso missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoDyan missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoDz??ngoo missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoEastern Karaboro missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoFrench missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoGourmanch?ma missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoHausa DONE
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoJalkunan missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoJamsay Dogon missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoJula missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoKaansa missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoKalams? missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoKantosi missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoKasem missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoKhe missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoKhisa missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoKidal Tamasheq missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoKoromf? missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoKusaal missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoL?? L?? Bwamu missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoLobi missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoLy?l? missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoMalba Birifor missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoMarka missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoMatya Samo missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoMaya Samo missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoMoba missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoM?or? missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoNanerig? S?noufo missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoNatioro missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoNinkare missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoNortheastern Burkina Faso Fulfulde missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoNorthern Bobo Madar? missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoNorthern Dagara missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoNorthern Nuni missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoNorthern Toussian missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoPana missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoPhuie missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoSeeku missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoSenara S?noufo missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoSiamou missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoS?c?t? S?noufo missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoSininkere missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoSissala missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoSonghay missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoSouthern Bobo Madar? missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoSouthern Nuni missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoSouthern Samo missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoSouthern Toussian missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoT??n missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoTi?fo missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoTomo Kan Dogon missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoTurka missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoViemo missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoWara missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoWestern Karaboro missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoWiny? missing
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoZarma missing
BurundiRepublic of BurundiFrench missing
BurundiRepublic of BurundiRundi missing
BurundiRepublic of BurundiSwahili missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaBrao missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaBulo Stieng missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaCentral Khmer missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaCentral Mnong missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaChong missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaEnglish missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaFrench missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaJarai missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaKaco' missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaKraol missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaKravet missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaKru'ng 2 missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaKuy missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaLamam missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaPear missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaSamre missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaSa'och missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaSomray missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaSuoy missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaTampuan missing
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaWestern Cham missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonAbar missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonAdamawa Fulfulde missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonAfade missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonAghem missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonAkoose missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonAkum missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonAmbele missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonAtong missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonAwing missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBaba missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBabanki missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBafanji missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBafaw-Balong missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBafia missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBafut missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBaka missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBakaka missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBakoko missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBakole missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBaldemu missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBalo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBamali missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBambalang missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBambili-Bambui missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBamenyam missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBamukumbit missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBamun missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBamunka missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBana missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBangandu missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBangolan missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBankon missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBarombi missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBasaa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBassossi missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBata missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBatanga missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBati missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBeba missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBebe missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBebele missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBebil missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBeezen missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBefang missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBekwil missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBeti missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBikya missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBishuo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBitare missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBokyi missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBomwali missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBonkeng missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBubia missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBuduma missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBulu missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBum missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBung missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBusam missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBusuu missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonBuwal missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonByep missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonCaka missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonCameroon Mambila missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonCameroon Pidgin missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonCentral Kanuri missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonCung missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonCuvok missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDaba missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDama missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDek missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDenya missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDii missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDimbong missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDoyayo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDuala missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDugun missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDugwor missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDuupa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonDzodinka missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonEjagham missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonElip missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonEman missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonEnglish missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonEsimbi missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonEton missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonEvant missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonEwondo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonFang missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonFang missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonFe'fe' missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonFrench missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonGavar missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonGhom?l?' missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonGidar missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonGimme missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonGimnime missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonGlavda missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonGude missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonGvoko missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonGyele missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonHausa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonHdi missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonHijuk missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonHya missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonIceve-Maci missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonIpulo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonIsu missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonIsu missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonIyive missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonJimi missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonJina missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonJukun Takum missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKako missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKamkam missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKano-Katsina-Bororro Fulfulde missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKarang missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKare missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKemezung missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKendem missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKenswei Nsei missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKenyang missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKera missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKol missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKolbila missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKom missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKoma missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKoonzime missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKorop missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKoshin missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKuk missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKung missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKuo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKutep missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKwa' missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKwaja missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKwakum missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonKwanja missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonLa'bi missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonLagwan missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonLaimbue missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonLamnso' missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonLefa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonLeti missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonLimbum missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonLongto missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonLuo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMada missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMafa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMajera missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMakaa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMalgbe missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMalimba missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMambai missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonManta missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMasana missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMaslam missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMatal missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMazagway missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMbe' missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMbedam missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMbo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMbonga missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMbu' missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMbuko missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMbule missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMbum missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMedumba missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMefele missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMendankwe-Nkwen missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMengaka missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMengisa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMenka missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMerey missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMesaka missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMeta' missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMfumte missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMina missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMmaala missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMmen missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMofu-Gudur missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMokpwe missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMoloko missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMom Jango missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMono missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMpade missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMpiemo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMpongmpong missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMser missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMundabli missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMundang missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMundani missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMungaka missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMusey missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMusgu missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonMuyang missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNaki missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNcane missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNdai missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNdaktup missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNda'nda' missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNdemli missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNdoola missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgamambo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgambay missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgemba missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgie missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgiemboon missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgomba missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgombale missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgong missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgoshie missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgumba missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgwe missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNgwo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNimbari missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNjen missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNjyem missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNkongho missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNomaande missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNoone missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNorth Fali missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNorth Giziga missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNorth Mofu missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNorthwest Gbaya missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNsari missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNubaca missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNugunu missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNyong missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNzakambay missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonNzanyi missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonOblo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonOku missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonOroko missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonOsatu missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonPam missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonPana missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonParkwa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonPeere missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonP?v? missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonPinyin missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonPol missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonPsikye missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonSamba Leko missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonSharwa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonShuwa Arabic missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonSo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonSouth Fali missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonSouth Giziga missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonSouthwest Gbaya missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonSuga missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonTibea missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonTigon Mbembe missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonTikar missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonTiv missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonTo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonTsuvan missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonTuki missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonTunen missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonTuotomb missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonTupuri missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonTwendi missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonUsaghade missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonVame missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonVemgo-Mabas missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonVengo missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonVute missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonWandala missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonWawa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonWeh missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonWumboko missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonWushi missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonWuzlam missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonYamba missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonYambeta missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonYangben missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonYasa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonYemba missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonYukuben missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonZhoa missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonZizilivakan missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonZulgo-Gemzek missing
CameroonRepublic of CameroonZumaya missing
CanadaCanadaAlgonquin missing
CanadaCanadaAmerican Sign Language missing
CanadaCanadaAssiniboine missing
CanadaCanadaAtikamekw missing
CanadaCanadaBabine missing
CanadaCanadaBeaver missing
CanadaCanadaBella Coola missing
CanadaCanadaBlackfoot missing
CanadaCanadaCarrier missing
CanadaCanadaCayuga missing
CanadaCanadaCentral Ojibwa missing
CanadaCanadaChilcotin missing
CanadaCanadaChinook Wawa missing
CanadaCanadaChipewyan missing
CanadaCanadaComox missing
CanadaCanadaDakota missing
CanadaCanadaDogrib missing
CanadaCanadaEastern Canadian Inuktitut missing
CanadaCanadaEastern Ojibwa missing
CanadaCanadaEnglish missing
CanadaCanadaFrench missing
CanadaCanadaGitxsan missing
CanadaCanadaGwich'in missing
CanadaCanadaHaisla missing
CanadaCanadaHalkomelem missing
CanadaCanadaHan missing
CanadaCanadaHeiltsuk missing
CanadaCanadaHutterite German missing
CanadaCanadaKaska missing
CanadaCanadaKutenai missing
CanadaCanadaKwakiutl missing
CanadaCanadaLakota missing
CanadaCanadaLillooet missing
CanadaCanadaMalecite-Passamaquoddy missing
CanadaCanadaMaritime Sign Language missing
CanadaCanadaMichif missing
CanadaCanadaMicmac missing
CanadaCanadaMohawk missing
CanadaCanadaMontagnais missing
CanadaCanadaMoose Cree missing
CanadaCanadaMunsee missing
CanadaCanadaNaskapi missing
CanadaCanadaNisga'a missing
CanadaCanadaNootka missing
CanadaCanadaNorth Alaskan Inupiatun missing
CanadaCanadaNorth Slavey missing
CanadaCanadaNorthern East Cree missing
CanadaCanadaNorthern Haida missing
CanadaCanadaNorthern Tutchone missing
CanadaCanadaNorthwestern Ojibwa missing
CanadaCanadaOkanagan missing
CanadaCanadaOneida missing
CanadaCanadaOnondaga missing
CanadaCanadaOttawa missing
CanadaCanadaPennsylvania German missing
CanadaCanadaPlains Cree missing
CanadaCanadaPlautdietsch missing
CanadaCanadaPotawatomi missing
CanadaCanadaQuebec Sign Language missing
CanadaCanadaSarsi missing
CanadaCanadaSechelt missing
CanadaCanadaSekani missing
CanadaCanadaSeneca missing
CanadaCanadaSevern Ojibwa missing
CanadaCanadaShuswap missing
CanadaCanadaSouth Slavey missing
CanadaCanadaSouthern Carrier missing
CanadaCanadaSouthern East Cree missing
CanadaCanadaSouthern Haida missing
CanadaCanadaSouthern Tutchone missing
CanadaCanadaSquamish missing
CanadaCanadaStoney missing
CanadaCanadaStraits Salish missing
CanadaCanadaSwampy Cree missing
CanadaCanadaTagish missing
CanadaCanadaTahltan missing
CanadaCanadaThompson missing
CanadaCanadaTlingit missing
CanadaCanadaTsimshian missing
CanadaCanadaTuscarora missing
CanadaCanadaUpper Tanana missing
CanadaCanadaWestern Abnaki missing
CanadaCanadaWestern Canadian Inuktitut missing
CanadaCanadaWestern Ojibwa missing
CanadaCanadaWoods Cree missing
Cape VerdeRepublic of Cabo VerdeKabuverdianu missing
Cape VerdeRepublic of Cabo VerdePortuguese missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicAli missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicBagirmi Fulfulde missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicBanda-Bambari missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicBanda-Banda missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicBanda-Mbr?s missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicBanda-Nd?l? missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicBanda-Yangere missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicBirri missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicBodo missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicBofi missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicBokoto missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicBuraka missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicDagba missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicDendi missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicFrench missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicFuru missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicGanzi missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicGbanu missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicGbanziri missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicGbaya-Bossangoa missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicGbaya-Bozoum missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicGbayi missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicGeme missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicGubu missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicGula missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicGundi missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicKaba missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicKako missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicKara missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicKare missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicKpagua missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicKpatili missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicLaka missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicLangbashe missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicLimassa missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicLutos missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicManza missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicMbangi missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicMbati missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicMbay missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicMbum missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicMid-Southern Banda missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicMonzombo missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicMpiemo missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicNgam missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicNgando missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicNgbaka Ma'bo missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicNgbaka Manza missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicNgombe missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicNorthwest Gbaya missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicNzakara missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicPana missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicPande missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicRiverain Sango missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicRunga missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicSango missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicSara Dunjo missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicSara Kaba missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicSouth Central Banda missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicSouthwest Gbaya missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicSuma missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicTo missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicTogbo-Vara Banda missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicUkhwejo missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicVale missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicWest Central Banda missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicYaka missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicYakoma missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicYulu missing
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicZande missing
ChadRepublic of ChadAdamawa Fulfulde missing
ChadRepublic of ChadAmdang missing
ChadRepublic of ChadAssangori missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBabalia Creole Arabic missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBagirmi missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBagirmi Fulfulde missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBarein missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBedjond missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBerakou missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBernde missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBesme missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBidiyo missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBirgit missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBolgo missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBon Gula missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBoor missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBua missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBuduma missing
ChadRepublic of ChadBuso missing
ChadRepublic of ChadCentral Kanuri missing
ChadRepublic of ChadChadian Spoken Arabic missing
ChadRepublic of ChadDagba missing
ChadRepublic of ChadDangal?at missing
ChadRepublic of ChadDar Daju Daju missing
ChadRepublic of ChadDar Sila Daju missing
ChadRepublic of ChadDay missing
ChadRepublic of ChadDazaga missing
ChadRepublic of ChadDisa missing
ChadRepublic of ChadFania missing
ChadRepublic of ChadFongoro missing
ChadRepublic of ChadFrench missing
ChadRepublic of ChadFur missing
ChadRepublic of ChadGabri missing
ChadRepublic of ChadGadang missing
ChadRepublic of ChadGidar missing
ChadRepublic of ChadGor missing
ChadRepublic of ChadGoundo missing
ChadRepublic of ChadGula missing
ChadRepublic of ChadGula Iro missing
ChadRepublic of ChadGulay missing
ChadRepublic of ChadHerd? missing
ChadRepublic of ChadJaya missing
ChadRepublic of ChadJonkor Bourmataguil missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKaba missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKaba Deme missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKaba Na missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKabalai missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKajakse missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKanembu missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKano-Katsina-Bororro Fulfulde missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKarang missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKaranga missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKendeje missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKenga missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKera missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKibet missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKim missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKimr? missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKoke missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKujarge missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKulfa missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKuo missing
ChadRepublic of ChadKwang missing
ChadRepublic of ChadLaal missing
ChadRepublic of ChadLagwan missing
ChadRepublic of ChadLaka missing
ChadRepublic of ChadLele missing
ChadRepublic of ChadLutos missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMaba missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMabire missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMajera missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMalgbe missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMambai missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMango missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMararit missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMarba missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMarfa missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMasalit missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMasana missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMaslam missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMasmaje missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMassalat missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMawa missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMbara missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMbay missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMesme missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMigaama missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMiltu missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMimi missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMire missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMogum missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMpade missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMser missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMubi missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMukulu missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMundang missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMusey missing
ChadRepublic of ChadMusgu missing
ChadRepublic of ChadNaba missing
ChadRepublic of ChadNancere missing
ChadRepublic of ChadNdam missing
ChadRepublic of ChadNgam missing
ChadRepublic of ChadNgambay missing
ChadRepublic of ChadNgete missing
ChadRepublic of ChadNiellim missing
ChadRepublic of ChadNoy missing
ChadRepublic of ChadNzakambay missing
ChadRepublic of ChadPana missing
ChadRepublic of ChadP?v? missing
ChadRepublic of ChadRunga missing
ChadRepublic of ChadSaba missing
ChadRepublic of ChadSango missing
ChadRepublic of ChadSar missing
ChadRepublic of ChadSarua missing
ChadRepublic of ChadSinyar missing
ChadRepublic of ChadSokoro missing
ChadRepublic of ChadSomrai missing
ChadRepublic of ChadStandard Arabic missing
ChadRepublic of ChadSurbakhal missing
ChadRepublic of ChadTama missing
ChadRepublic of ChadTamki missing
ChadRepublic of ChadTedaga missing
ChadRepublic of ChadTobanga missing
ChadRepublic of ChadToram missing
ChadRepublic of ChadTumak missing
ChadRepublic of ChadTunia missing
ChadRepublic of ChadTupuri missing
ChadRepublic of ChadUbi missing
ChadRepublic of ChadZaghawa missing
ChadRepublic of ChadZan Gula missing
ChadRepublic of ChadZirenkel missing
ChileRepublic of ChileCentral Aymara missing
ChileRepublic of ChileChilean Quechua missing
ChileRepublic of ChileChilean Sign Language missing
ChileRepublic of ChileHuilliche missing
ChileRepublic of ChileMapudungun missing
ChileRepublic of ChileQawasqar missing
ChileRepublic of ChileRapa Nui missing
ChileRepublic of ChileSpanish missing
ChileRepublic of ChileY?mana missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAchang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAche Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAi-Cham missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAinu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAkha missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAmdo Tibetan missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAtuence missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAwu Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAxi Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAyi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAzhe Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBaima missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBiao missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBiao Mon missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBiao-Jiao Mien missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBisu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBit missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBiyo missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBlang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBoga'er Luoba missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBogan missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBolyu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBonan missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBouyei missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBugan missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBu-Nao Bunu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBuxinhua missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBuyang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaBuyuan Jinuo missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaCao Lan missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaCao Miao missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaCentral Bai missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaCentral Huishui Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaCentral Mashan Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaCentral Tibetan missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaCentral Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaChina Buriat missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaChinese Sign Language DONE
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaChonganjiang Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaChoni missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaCun missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaDarang Deng missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaDaur missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaDayao Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaDongxiang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaDrung missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaDzao Min missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaE missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaEast Yugur missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaEastern Huishui Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaEastern Lalu Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaEastern Qiandong Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaEastern Xiangxi Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaEnglish missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaErsu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaEshan-Xinping Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaEvenki missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaGahri missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaGan missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaGelao missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaGeman Deng missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaGroma missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaGuanyinqiao missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaGuiqiong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaGuizhou Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaHakka missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaHani missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaHlai missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaHmong Daw missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaHmong Njua missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaHoni missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaHorpa missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaHu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaHuizhou missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaIli Turki missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaIu Mien missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaJiamao missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaJiarong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaJingpho missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaJinyu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaJiongnai Bunu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKado missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKaduo missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKalmyk-Oirat missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKangjia missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKazakh missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKemiehua missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKhakas missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKhams Tibetan missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKhmu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKhuen missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKim Mun missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKirghiz missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKon Keu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKorean missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKuanhua missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaKyerung missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLachi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLadakhi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLahu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLahu Shi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLakkia missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLaqua missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLashi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLhomi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLimi Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLingao missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLipo missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLisu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaL? missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaLuopohe Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMacanese missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMak missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMan Met missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaManchu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMandarin missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMaonan missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMaru missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMili Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMin Bei missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMin Dong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMin Nan missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMin Zhong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMiqie Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMoinba missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMuji Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMulam missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaMuya missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNaluo Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNamuyi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNanai missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNaxi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNortheastern Dian Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNorthern Bai missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNorthern Dong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNorthern Guiyang Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNorthern Huishui Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNorthern Mashan Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNorthern Pumi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNorthern Qiandong Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNorthern Qiang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNorthern Tujia missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNorthern Uzbek missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNorthern Zhuang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNung missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaNusu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaOroqen missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaPa Di missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaPa-Hng missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaPale Palaung missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaPanang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaParauk missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaPela missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaPeripheral Mongolian missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaPhula missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaPoluo Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaPula Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaPuwa Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaPu-Xian missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaQueyu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaRiang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaRumai Palaung missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaRussian missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSalar missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSamei missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSamtao missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSani Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSarikoli missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaShangzhai missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaShe missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSherpa missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaShixing missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaShwe Palaung missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSichuan Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSoutheastern Lolo Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthern Bai missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthern Dong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthern Guiyang Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthern Lolopho Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthern Mashan Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthern Pumi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthern Qiandong Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthern Qiang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthern Tujia missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthern Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthern Zhuang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthwestern Guiyang Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSouthwestern Huishui Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaSui missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaTai Hongjin missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaTai N?a missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaTai Ya missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaTakpa missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaTatar missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaT'en missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaThangmi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaTinani missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaTsat missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaTseku missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaTshangla missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaTu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaTuvin missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaU missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaUyghur missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaVietnamese missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWa missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWakhi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWaxianghua missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWest Yugur missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWestern Lalu Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWestern Lawa missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWestern Mashan Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWestern Xiangxi Hmong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWestern Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWuding-Luquan Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWumeng Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWunai Bunu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWusa Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaWutunhua missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaXiandao missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaXiang missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaXibe missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaXishan Lalu Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaYerong missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaYidu Luoba missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaYoule Jinuo missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaYounuo Bunu missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaYuanjiang-Mojiang Yi missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaYue missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaZaiwa missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaZauzou missing
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaZhaba missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaAchagua missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaAndaqui missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaAndoque missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaAngosturas Tunebo missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaAnserma missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaArhuaco missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaArma missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaAwa-Cuaiquer missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaBarasana missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaBarbacoas missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaBar? missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaBarro Negro Tunebo missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaBora missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaBorder Kuna missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCabiyar? missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCacua missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCagua missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCams? missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCarabayo missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCaramanta missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCarapana missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCarijona missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCauca missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCentral Tunebo missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaChibcha missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaChimila missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaChipiajes missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCocama-Cocamilla missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCof?n missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCogui missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaColombian Sign Language missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCoxima missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCoyaima missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCubeo missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCuiba missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCumeral missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaCurripaco missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaDesano missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaEmber?-Baud? missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaEmber?-Cat?o missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaEmber?-Cham? missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaEmber?-Tad? missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaEpena missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaGuahibo missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaGuambiano missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaGuanano missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaGuayabero missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaHupd? missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaInga missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaIslander Creole English missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaJungle Inga missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaKoreguaje missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaMacaguaje missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaMacagu?n missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaMacuna missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaMalayo missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaMinica Huitoto missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaMuinane missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaMurui Huitoto missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaNapo Lowland Quichua missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaNatagaimas missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaNhengatu missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaNorthern Ember? missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaNukak Mak? missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaOcaina missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaOmejes missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaP?ez missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaPalenquero missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaPiapoco missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaPiaroa missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaPijao missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaPiratapuyo missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaPlayero missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaPonares missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaProvidencia Sign Language missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaPuinave missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaRuna missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaS?liba missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaSiona missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaSiriano missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaSpanish DONE
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaTama missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaTanimuca-Retuar? missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaTariano missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaTatuyo missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaTicuna missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaTinigua missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaTomedes missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaTotoro missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaTucano missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaTuyuca missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaVlax Romani missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaWaimaha missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaWayuu missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaWestern Tunebo missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaWoun Meu missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaYahuna missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaYar? missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaYucuna missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaYukpa missing
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaYurut? missing
ComorosUnion des Comores Comorian missing
ComorosUnion des Comores French missing
ComorosUnion des Comores Malagasy missing
ComorosUnion des Comores Mwali Comorian missing
ComorosUnion des Comores Ndzwani Comorian missing
ComorosUnion des Comores Ngazidja Comorian missing
ComorosUnion des Comores Standard Arabic missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoAlur missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoAmba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoAsoa missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoAushi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoAvokaya missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBabango missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBaka missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBali missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBaloi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBamwe missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBangala missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBangba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBangi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBangubangu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBarambu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBeeke missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBemba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBemba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBembe missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBendi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBera missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBhele missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBila missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBinji missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBoko missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBolia missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBoloki missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBolondo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBoma missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBomboli missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBomboma missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBorna missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBozaba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBudu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBudza missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBuraka missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBushoong missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBuya missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBuyu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBwa missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBwela missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoBwile missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoChokwe missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoCongo Swahili missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoDengese missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoDing missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoDongo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoDzando missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoEboo Teke missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoEfe missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoEnya missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoFoma missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoFrench missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoFuliiru missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoFuru missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoGbanziri missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoGbati-ri missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoGilima missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoGobu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoHamba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoHavu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoHema missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoHemba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoHoloholo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoHolu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoHunde missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoHungana missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoIbali Teke missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoJoba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKabwari missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKaiku missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKakwa missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKaliko missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKango missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKango missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKanu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKanyok missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKaonde missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKari missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKela missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKele missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKete missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKituba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKomo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKonjo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKoongo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKpala missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKusu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKwami missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoKwese missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLala-Bisa missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLalia missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLamba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLangbashe missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLega-Mwenga missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLega-Shabunda missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLele missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLendu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLengola missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLese missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLibinza missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLigenza missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLika missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLikila missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLingala missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLobala missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLogo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLombi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLombo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLonzo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLuba-Kasai missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLuba-Katanga missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLugbara missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLuna missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLunda missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLusengo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoLwalu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMa missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMabaale missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMamvu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMangbetu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMangbutu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMayeka missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMayogo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMbala missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMbandja missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMbesa missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMbo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMbole missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMfinu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMid-Southern Banda missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMituku missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMoingi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMongo-Nkundu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMono missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMonzombo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMpuono missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoM?nd? missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoMvuba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNande missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNdaka missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNdo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNdobo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNdolo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNdunga missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNgando missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNgbaka missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNgbaka Ma'bo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNgbinda missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNgbundu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNgelima missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNgiti missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNgombe missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNgongo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNgul missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNgundu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNkutu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNorthern Ngbandi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNtomba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNyali missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNyanga missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNyanga-li missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNyindu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoNzakara missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoOmbo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoOmi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoPagibete missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoPambia missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoPelende missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoPhende missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoPoke missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoRuund missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSakata missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSalampasu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSamba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSan Salvador Kongo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSanga missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSango missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSeba missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSengele missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSere missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoShi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSonde missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSonga missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSonge missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSongo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSongomeno missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSongoora missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSouth Central Banda missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSouthern Ngbandi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSuku missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoSwahili missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoTaabwa missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoTagbu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoTalinga-Bwisi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoTembo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoTembo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoTetela missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoTiene missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoTogbo-Vara Banda missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoVanuma missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoWongo missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoYaka missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoYakoma missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoYamongeri missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoYango missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoYansi missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoYela missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoYombe missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoYulu missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoZande missing
CongoDemocratic Republic of CongoZimba missing
CongoRepublic of CongoAka missing
CongoRepublic of CongoAkwa missing
CongoRepublic of CongoBangandu missing
CongoRepublic of CongoBeembe missing
CongoRepublic of CongoBekwil missing
CongoRepublic of CongoBobangi missing
CongoRepublic of CongoBomitaba missing
CongoRepublic of CongoBomwali missing
CongoRepublic of CongoBongili missing
CongoRepublic of CongoBonjo missing
CongoRepublic of CongoBwisi missing
CongoRepublic of CongoDibole missing
CongoRepublic of CongoDoondo missing
CongoRepublic of CongoFang missing
CongoRepublic of CongoFrench missing
CongoRepublic of CongoGbaya missing
CongoRepublic of CongoKaamba missing
CongoRepublic of CongoKako missing
CongoRepublic of CongoKituba missing
CongoRepublic of CongoKoongo missing
CongoRepublic of CongoKota missing
CongoRepublic of CongoKoyo missing
CongoRepublic of CongoKunyi missing
CongoRepublic of CongoLaari missing
CongoRepublic of CongoLikuba missing
CongoRepublic of CongoLikwala missing
CongoRepublic of CongoLingala missing
CongoRepublic of CongoLumbu missing
CongoRepublic of CongoMbandja missing
CongoRepublic of CongoMbangwe missing
CongoRepublic of CongoMbere missing
CongoRepublic of CongoMboko missing
CongoRepublic of CongoMbosi missing
CongoRepublic of CongoMoi missing
CongoRepublic of CongoMonzombo missing
CongoRepublic of CongoMpyemo missing
CongoRepublic of CongoNdasa missing
CongoRepublic of CongoNgbaka missing
CongoRepublic of CongoNgbaka Ma'bo missing
CongoRepublic of CongoNgom missing
CongoRepublic of CongoNgundi missing
CongoRepublic of CongoNgungwel missing
CongoRepublic of CongoNjebi missing
CongoRepublic of CongoNjyem missing
CongoRepublic of CongoOmbamba missing
CongoRepublic of CongoPomo missing
CongoRepublic of CongoPunu missing
CongoRepublic of CongoSuundi missing
CongoRepublic of CongoTeke-Eboo missing
CongoRepublic of CongoTeke-Fuumu missing
CongoRepublic of CongoTeke-Ibali missing
CongoRepublic of CongoTeke-Kukuya missing
CongoRepublic of CongoTeke-Laali missing
CongoRepublic of CongoTeke-Nzikou missing
CongoRepublic of CongoTeke-Tege missing
CongoRepublic of CongoTeke-Tsaayi missing
CongoRepublic of CongoTeke-Tyee missing
CongoRepublic of CongoTsaangi missing
CongoRepublic of CongoVili missing
CongoRepublic of CongoWumbvu missing
CongoRepublic of CongoYaka missing
CongoRepublic of CongoYombe missing
Cook IslandsCook IslandsEnglish missing
Cook IslandsCook IslandsPenrhyn missing
Cook IslandsCook IslandsPukapuka missing
Cook IslandsCook IslandsRakahanga-Manihiki missing
Cook IslandsCook IslandsRarotongan missing
Costa RicaRepublic of Costa RicaBoruca missing
Costa RicaRepublic of Costa RicaBribri missing
Costa RicaRepublic of Costa RicaCab?car missing
Costa RicaRepublic of Costa RicaCosta Rican Sign Language missing
Costa RicaRepublic of Costa RicaLim?n Creole English missing
Costa RicaRepublic of Costa RicaMal?ku Ja?ka missing
Costa RicaRepublic of Costa RicaPlautdietsch missing
Costa RicaRepublic of Costa RicaSpanish missing
Costa RicaRepublic of Costa RicaTeribe missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireAb? missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireAbidji missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireAbron missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireAbure missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireAdioukrou missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireAlladian missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireAnyin missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireAnyin Morofo missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireAproumu Aizi missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireAtti? missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireAvikam missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireBakw? missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireBambara missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireBaoul? missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireBeng missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireBeti missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireBondoukou Kulango missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireBouna Kulango missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireCebaara Senoufo missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireCerma missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireDaho-Doo missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireDaloa B?t? missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireDan missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireDeg missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireDjimini Senoufo missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireEbri? missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireEga missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireForest Maninka missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireFrench missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireGagnoa B?t? missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireGagu missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireGlio-Oubi missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireGodi? missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireGuiberoua B?te missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireGuro missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireJeri Kuo missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireJula missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireKhisa missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireKodia missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireKoro missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireKouya missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireKoyaga missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireKrobu missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireLakota Dida missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireLigbi missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireLobi missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireLoma missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireMahou missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireMbato missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireMbre missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireMobumrin Aizi missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireMwan missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireNeyo missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireNyabwa missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireNyarafolo Senoufo missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireNzema missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoirePalaka Senoufo missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoirePlapo Krumen missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoirePye Krumen missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireShempire Senoufo missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireSoninke missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireSouthern Birifor missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireSouthern Grebo missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireTagwana Senoufo missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireT??n missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireTepo Krumen missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireTiagbamrin Aizi missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireToura missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireWan missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireWan? missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireW? Northern missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireW? Southern missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireW? Western missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireWestern Krahn missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireWojenaka missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireWorodougou missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireYaour? missing
C?te d'IvoireRepublic of C?te d'IvoireYocobou? Dida missing
CroatiaRepublic of CroatiaCroatian DONE
CroatiaRepublic of CroatiaIstriot missing
CroatiaRepublic of CroatiaIstro Romanian missing
CroatiaRepublic of CroatiaVenetian missing
CubaRepublic of CubaCuba Sign Language missing
CubaRepublic of CubaLucumi missing
CubaRepublic of CubaSpanish missing
CyprusRepublic of CyprusCypriotDONE
CyprusRepublic of CyprusTurkish missing
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicBavarian missing
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicCarpathian Romani missing
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicCzech missing
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicLower Silesian missing
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicPolish missing
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicSinte Romani missing
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicStandard German missing
DenmarkKingdom of DenmarkDanish DONE
DenmarkKingdom of DenmarkFaroese missing
DenmarkKingdom of DenmarkGreenlandic Inuktitut missing
DenmarkKingdom of DenmarkJutish missing
DenmarkKingdom of DenmarkScanian missing
DenmarkKingdom of DenmarkStandard German missing
DenmarkKingdom of DenmarkTraveller Danish missing
DjiboutiRepublic of DjiboutiAfar missing
DjiboutiRepublic of DjiboutiFrench missing
DjiboutiRepublic of DjiboutiSomali missing
DjiboutiRepublic of DjiboutiStandard Arabic missing
DjiboutiRepublic of DjiboutiTa'izzi-Adeni Spoken Arabic missing
DominicaCommonwealth of DominicaDominican Creole French missing
DominicaCommonwealth of DominicaEnglish missing
DominicaCommonwealth of DominicaKokoy Creole English missing
Dominican RepublicDominican RepublicDominican Sign Language missing
Dominican RepublicDominican RepublicEnglish missing
Dominican RepublicDominican RepublicHaitian Creole French missing
Dominican RepublicDominican RepublicSpanish missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteAdabe missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteBaikeno missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteBunak missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteFataluku missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteGaloli missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteHabu missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteIdat? missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteKairui-Midiki missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteKemak missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteLakalei missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteMakasae missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteMaku'a missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteMambae missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteNauete missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LestePortuguese missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteTetun missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteTetun Dili missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteTukudede missing
East TimorDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteWaima'a missing
Easter IslandEaster IslandRapa Nui missing
Easter IslandEaster IslandSpanish missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorAchuar-Shiwiar missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorAwa-Cuaiquer missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorCalder?n Highland Quichua missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorCa?ar Highland Quichua missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorChachi missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorChimborazo Highland Quichua missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorCof?n missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorColorado missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorEcuadorian Sign Language missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorEpena missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorImbabura Highland Quichua missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorLoja Highland Quichua missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorMedia Lengua missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorNapo Lowland Quichua missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorNorthern Pastaza Quichua missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorSalasaca Highland Quichua missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorSecoya missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorShuar missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorSiona missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorSpanish missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorTena Lowland Quichua missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorWaorani missing
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorZ?paro missing
EgyptArab Republic of EgyptDomari missing
EgyptArab Republic of EgyptEastern Egyptian Bedawi Spoken Arabic missing
EgyptArab Republic of EgyptEgypt Sign Language missing
EgyptArab Republic of EgyptEgyptian Spoken Arabic missing
EgyptArab Republic of EgyptKenuzi-Dongola missing
EgyptArab Republic of EgyptNobiin missing
EgyptArab Republic of EgyptSa`idi Spoken Arabic missing
EgyptArab Republic of EgyptSiwi missing
EgyptArab Republic of EgyptStandard Arabic missing
EgyptArab Republic of EgyptWestern Egyptian Bedawi Spoken Arabic missing
El SalvadorRepublic of El SalvadorKekch? missing
El SalvadorRepublic of El SalvadorLenca missing
El SalvadorRepublic of El SalvadorPipil missing
El SalvadorRepublic of El SalvadorSalvadoran Sign Language missing
El SalvadorRepublic of El SalvadorSpanish missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaBatanga missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaBenga missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaBube missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaFa D'ambu missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaFang missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaFernando Po Creole English missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaFrench missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaGyele missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaMolengue missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaNgumba missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaNgumbi missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaSeki missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaSpanish missing
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaYasa missing
EritreaState of EritreaAfar missing
EritreaState of EritreaBedawi missing
EritreaState of EritreaBilen missing
EritreaState of EritreaEnglish missing
EritreaState of EritreaHijazi Spoken Arabic missing
EritreaState of EritreaKunama missing
EritreaState of EritreaNara missing
EritreaState of EritreaSaho missing
EritreaState of EritreaStandard Arabic missing
EritreaState of EritreaTigr? missing
EritreaState of EritreaTigrigna missing
EstoniaRepublic of EstoniaEstonian DONE
EstoniaRepublic of EstoniaRussian missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaAari missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaAfar missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaAlaba missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaAmharic DONE
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaAnfillo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaAnuak missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaArbore missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaArgobba missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaAwngi missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaBaiso missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaBambassi missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaBasketo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaBench missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaBerta missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaBirale missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaBorana-Arsi-Guji Oromo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaBoro missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaBurji missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaBussa missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaChara missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaDaasanach missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaDime missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaDirasha missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaDizi missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaDorze missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaEastern Oromo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaEnglish missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaGamo-Gofa-Dawro missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaGanza missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaGawwada missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaGedeo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaGumuz missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaHadiyya missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaHamer-Banna missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaHarari missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaHozo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaInor missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKachama-Ganjule missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKacipo-Balesi missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKafa missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKambaata missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKaro missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKistane missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKomo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKomso missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKoorete missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKunfal missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKwama missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaKwegu missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaLibido missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaMajang missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaMale missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaMe'en missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaMelo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaMesqan missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaMurle missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaMursi missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaNayi missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaNuer missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaNyangatom missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaOpuuo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaOyda missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaQimant missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaSaho missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaSebat Bet Gurage missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaSeze missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaShabo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaShekkacho missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaSheko missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaSidamo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaSilt'e missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaSomali missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaSuri missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaTigrigna missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaTsamai missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaTurkana missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaUduk missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaWest Central Oromo missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaWolaytta missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaXamtanga missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaYemsa missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaZay missing
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaZayse-Zergulla missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaKapingamarangi missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaKosraean missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaMokilese missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaMortlockese missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaNamonuitomissing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaNguluwan missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaNukuoro missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaP??fang missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaPingelapese missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaPohnpeian missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaPuluwatese missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaSatawalese missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaUlithian missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaWoleaian missing
Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaYapese missing
FijiRepublic of FijiEnglish missing
FijiRepublic of FijiFijian missing
FijiRepublic of FijiFijian Hindustani missing
FijiRepublic of FijiGone Dau missing
FijiRepublic of FijiKiribati missing
FijiRepublic of FijiLauan missing
FijiRepublic of FijiLomaiviti missing
FijiRepublic of FijiNamosi-Naitasiri-Serua missing
FijiRepublic of FijiRotuman missing
FijiRepublic of FijiWestern Fijian missing
FinlandRepublic of FinlandEstonian missing
FinlandRepublic of FinlandFinnish DONE
FinlandRepublic of FinlandFinnish-Swedish (?land Swedish)DONE
FinlandRepublic of FinlandInari Saami missing
FinlandRepublic of FinlandKalo Finnish Romani missing
FinlandRepublic of FinlandKarelian missing
FinlandRepublic of FinlandLivvi missing
FinlandRepublic of FinlandNorth Saami missing
FinlandRepublic of FinlandSkolt Saami missing
FinlandRepublic of FinlandSwedish missing
FinlandRepublic of FinlandTornedalen Finnish missing
FranceFrench RepublicAlsatianDONE
FranceFrench RepublicAuvergnat missing
FranceFrench RepublicBalkan Romani missing
FranceFrench RepublicBasquemissing
FranceFrench RepublicBreton missing
FranceFrench RepublicCal? missing
FranceFrench RepublicCatalanmissing
FranceFrench RepublicCorsican missing
FranceFrench RepublicDutch missing
FranceFrench RepublicElsassisch DONE
FranceFrench RepublicEsperanto DONE
FranceFrench RepublicFlemishmissing
FranceFrench RepublicFranco-Proven?al missing
FranceFrench RepublicFrench DONE
FranceFrench RepublicGascon missing
FranceFrench RepublicInterlingua missing
FranceFrench RepublicLanguedocien missing
FranceFrench RepublicLigurian missing
FranceFrench RepublicLimousin missing
FranceFrench RepublicLuxembourgeois missing
FranceFrench RepublicLyons Sign Language missing
FranceFrench RepublicNavarro-Labourdin Basque missing
FranceFrench RepublicPicard missing
FranceFrench RepublicPortuguese missing
FranceFrench RepublicProven?al missing
FranceFrench RepublicSinte Romani missing
FranceFrench RepublicSouletin Basque missing
FranceFrench RepublicSpanish missing
FranceFrench RepublicVlaams missing
FranceFrench RepublicVlax Romani missing
French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaAustral missing
French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaChinese missing
French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaFrench missing
French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaHakka missing
French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaMangareva missing
French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaNorth Marquisian missing
French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaRapa missing
French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaSouth Marquisian missing
French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaTahitian missing
French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaTuamotuan missing
GabonGabonese RepublicBaka missing
GabonGabonese RepublicBarama missing
GabonGabonese RepublicBekwil missing
GabonGabonese RepublicBenga missing
GabonGabonese RepublicBubi missing
GabonGabonese RepublicBwisi missing
GabonGabonese RepublicDuma missing
GabonGabonese RepublicFang missing
GabonGabonese RepublicFrench missing
GabonGabonese RepublicKande missing
GabonGabonese RepublicKaningi missing
GabonGabonese RepublicK?l? missing
GabonGabonese RepublicKota missing
GabonGabonese RepublicLumbu missing
GabonGabonese RepublicMahongwe missing
GabonGabonese RepublicMbama missing
GabonGabonese RepublicMbangwe missing
GabonGabonese RepublicMbere missing
GabonGabonese RepublicMyene missing
GabonGabonese RepublicNdasa missing
GabonGabonese RepublicNdumu missing
GabonGabonese RepublicNgom missing
GabonGabonese RepublicNjebi missing
GabonGabonese RepublicNorthern Teke missing
GabonGabonese RepublicPinji missing
GabonGabonese RepublicPunu missing
GabonGabonese RepublicSake missing
GabonGabonese RepublicSangu missing
GabonGabonese RepublicSeki missing
GabonGabonese RepublicSighu missing
GabonGabonese RepublicSimba missing
GabonGabonese RepublicSira missing
GabonGabonese RepublicTchitchege missing
GabonGabonese RepublicTsaangi missing
GabonGabonese RepublicTsogo missing
GabonGabonese RepublicVili missing
GabonGabonese RepublicVumbu missing
GabonGabonese RepublicWandji missing
GabonGabonese RepublicWumbvu missing
GabonGabonese RepublicYangho missing
GabonGabonese RepublicYasa missing
GambiaRepublic of The GambiaEnglish missing
GambiaRepublic of The GambiaGambian Wolof missing
GambiaRepublic of The GambiaJola-Fonyi missing
GambiaRepublic of The GambiaMandinka missing
GambiaRepublic of The GambiaMandjak missing
GambiaRepublic of The GambiaPulaar missing
GambiaRepublic of The GambiaSerer-Sine missing
GambiaRepublic of The GambiaSoninke missing
GambiaRepublic of The GambiaWestern Maninkakan missing
GeorgiaGeorgiaAbkhaz missing
GeorgiaGeorgiaAssyrian Neo-Aramaic missing
GeorgiaGeorgiaBats missing
GeorgiaGeorgiaBohtan Neo-Aramaic missing
GeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgian DONE
GeorgiaGeorgiaJudeo-Georgian missing
GeorgiaGeorgiaLaz missing
GeorgiaGeorgiaMingrelian missing
GeorgiaGeorgiaNorthern Kurdish missing
GeorgiaGeorgiaOsetin missing
GeorgiaGeorgiaSvan missing
GeorgiaGeorgiaUrum missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyAlsatianDONE
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyBalkan Romani missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyBavarian DONE
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyEastern Frisian missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyFrankishDONE
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyK?lsch DONE
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyLimburgish missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyLow Saxon DONE
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyLower BavarianDONE
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyLower Silesian missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyLower Sorbian missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyLuxembourgeois missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyMainfr?nkisch missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyNorthern Frisian missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyPf?lzisch missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyPlautdietsch missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyPolish missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyRhenish FranconianDONE
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyRuhr GermanDONE
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanySaterfriesisch missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanySinte Romani missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyStandard German DONE
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanySwabian DONE
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyUpper Saxon missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyUpper Sorbian missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyVlax Romani missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyWestern Yiddish missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyWestphalien missing
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyYeniche missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAbron missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAdamorobe Sign Language missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAdangbe missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAdele missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAdynyamathanha missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAhanta missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAkan missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAkposo missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAnimere missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAnufo missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAsante TwiDONE
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAvatime missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAwutu missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaBimoba missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaBissa missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaBondoukou Kulango missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaBouna Kulango missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaBuli missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaChakali missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaChala missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaCherepon missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaChumburung missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaDagbani missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaDangme missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaDeg missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaDelo missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaDompo missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaDwang missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaEnglish missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaEwe missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaFarefare missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaGa missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaGhanaian Sign Language missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaGikyode missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaGonja missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaGua missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaHanga missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaHausa missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaJwira-Pepesa missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaKabiy? missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaKamara missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaKantosi missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaKasem missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaKonkomba missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaKonni missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaKplang missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaKrache missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaKusaal missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaLama missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaLarteh missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaLelemi missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaLigbi missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaLogba missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaMaasina Fulfulde missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaMampruli missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaNafaanra missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaNawdm missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaNawuri missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaNchumbulu missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaNkonya missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaNtcham missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaNyangbo missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaNzema missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaPaasaal missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaSafaliba missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaSehwi missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaSekpele missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaSelee missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaSiwu missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaSouthern Birifor missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaSouthern Dagaare missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaTafi missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaTampulma missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaTem missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaTumulung Sisaala missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaTuwuli missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaVagla missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaWali missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaWasa missing
GhanaRepublic of GhanaWestern Sisaala missing
GreeceHellenic RepublicArvanitika Albanian missing
GreeceHellenic RepublicBalkan Romani missing
GreeceHellenic RepublicGreek DONE
GreeceHellenic RepublicMacedo Romanian missing
GreeceHellenic RepublicMegleno Romanian missing
GreeceHellenic RepublicPontic missing
GreeceHellenic RepublicRomano-Greek missing
GreeceHellenic RepublicSlavic missing
GreeceHellenic RepublicTosk Albanian missing
GreeceHellenic RepublicTsakonian missing
GreeceHellenic RepublicTurkish missing
GreeceHellenic RepublicVlax Romani missing
GrenadaGrenadaEnglish missing
GrenadaGrenadaGrenadian Creole English missing
GrenadaGrenadaGrenadian Creole French missing
GuadeloupeGuadeloupeFrench missing
GuadeloupeGuadeloupeGuadeloupean French Creole missing
GuadeloupeGuadeloupeHaitian French Creole missing
GuamTerritory of GuamChamorro missing
GuamTerritory of GuamEnglish missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaAkateko missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaAkatenango Southwestern Kaqchikel missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaAmerican Sign Language missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaAwakateko missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaCentral Kaqchikel missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaCentral K'iche' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaCentral Mam missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaCentral Poqomam missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaChajul Ixil missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaCh'orti' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaCubulco Achi' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaCune'n K'iche' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaEastern Jakalteko missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaEastern Kaqchikel missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaEastern K'iche' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaEastern Poqomam missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaEastern Poqomchi' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaEastern Q'anjob'al missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaEastern Tz'utujil missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaGarifuna missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaGuatemalan Sign Language missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaItza' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaIxtat?n Chuj missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaJoyabaj K'iche' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaKaqchikel-K'iche' Mixed Language missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaMop?n Maya missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaNebaj Ixil missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaNorthern Kaqchikel missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaNorthern Mam missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaQ'eqchi' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaRabinal Achi' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaSakapulteko missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaSan Andre's K'iche' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaSan Juan Cotzal Ixil missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaSan Sebasti?n Coat?n Chuj missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaSanta Mar?a de Jes?s Kaqchikel missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaSanto Domingo Xenacoj Kaqchikel missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaSipakapense missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaSouthern Kaqchikel missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaSouthern Mam missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaSouthern Poqomam missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaSpanish missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaTacanec missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaTajumulco Mam missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaTektiteko missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaTodos Santos Cuchumat?n Mam missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaUspanteko missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaWest Central K'iche' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaWestern Jakalteko missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaWestern Kaqchikel missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaWestern Poqomchi' missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaWestern Tz'utujil missing
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaYepocapa Southwestern Kaqchikel missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaBadyara missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaBaga Binari missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaBaga Koga missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaBaga Manduri missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaBaga Mboteni missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaBaga Sitemu missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaBassari missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaBullom So missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaDan missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaEast Limba missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaEastern Maninkakan missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaFrench missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaGuinea Kpelle missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaGuinean Sign Language missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaJahanka missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaKakabe missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaKono missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaKonyanka Maninka missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaKuranko missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaLandoma missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaLele missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaMann missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaManya missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaMbulungish missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaMixifore missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaNalu missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaNorthern Kissi missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaPulaar missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaPular missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaSankaran Maninka missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaSusu missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaToma missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaWamey missing
GuineaRepublic of GuineaYalunka missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauBadyara missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauBainouk-Gunyu?o missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauBalanta-Kentohe missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauBassari missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauBayot missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauBiafada missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauBidyogo missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauEjamat missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauJola-Fonyi missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauKasanga missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauKobiana missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauMandinka missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauMandjak missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauMankanya missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauMansoanka missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauNalu missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauPapel missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauPortuguese missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauPulaar missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauSoninke missing
Guinea-BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauUpper Guinea Crioulo missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaAkawaio missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaArawak missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaAtorada missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaBerbice Creole Dutch missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaCarib missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaCaribbean Hindustani missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaEnglish missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaGuyanese Creole English missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaMacushi missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaMapidian missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaMawayana missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaPatamona missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaPemon missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaWaiwai missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaWapishana missing
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaWarao missing
HaitiRepublic of HaitiFrench missing
HaitiRepublic of HaitiHaitian Creole French missing
HaitiRepublic of HaitiHaitian Vodoun Culture Language missing
HondurasRepublic of HondurasCh'orti' missing
HondurasRepublic of HondurasEnglish missing
HondurasRepublic of HondurasGarifuna missing
HondurasRepublic of HondurasHonduras Sign Language missing
HondurasRepublic of HondurasLenca missing
HondurasRepublic of HondurasM?skito missing
HondurasRepublic of HondurasPech missing
HondurasRepublic of HondurasSpanish missing
HondurasRepublic of HondurasSumo Tawahka missing
HondurasRepublic of HondurasTol missing
HungaryHungaryBalkan Romani missing
HungaryHungaryBavarian missing
HungaryHungaryBurgenland Croatian DONE
HungaryHungaryCarpathian Romani missing
HungaryHungaryHungarian DONE
HungaryHungaryRomanian missing
HungaryHungarySinte Romani missing
HungaryHungarySlovak missing
HungaryHungarySlovenian missing
HungaryHungaryStandard German missing
HungaryHungaryVlax Romani missing
IcelandIcelandIcelandic DONE
IcelandIcelandIcelandic Sign Language missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAariya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAdi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAdivasi Oriya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAdiwasi Garasia missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAgariya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAhirani missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAimol missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAiton missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAllar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAlu Kurumba missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAmri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAnal missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAndaman Creole Hindi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAndh missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAngami Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAngika missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAo Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaApatani missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaA-Pucikwar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaArakanese missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAranadan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAssamese missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAsuri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaA'tong missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAwadhi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBadaga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBagheli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBagri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBalti missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBateri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBauria missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBawm Chin missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBazigar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBellari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBengali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBetta Kurumba missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBhadrawahi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBhalay missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBharia missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBhatola missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBhatri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBhattiyali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBhilali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBhili missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBhojpuri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBhunjia missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBiete missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBijori missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBilaspuri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBirhor missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBishnupriya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBodo missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBodo Gadaba missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBodo Parja missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBondo missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBraj Bhasha missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBrokskat missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBugun missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBuksa missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaBundeli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaByangsi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaCar Nicobarese missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaCentral Nicobarese missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChakma missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChamari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChambeali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChang Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChangthang missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChaudangsi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChaura missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChenchu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChhattisgarhi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChinali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChiru missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChodri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChokri Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChothe Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaChurahi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDandami Maria missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDangaura Tharu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDarlong missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDarmiya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDeccan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDegaru missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDeori missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDesiya Oriya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDhanki missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDhanwar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDhatki missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDhimal missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDhodia missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDhundari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDigaro-Mishmi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDimasa missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDogri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDomari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDubli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDungra Bhil missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDuruwa missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaDzongkha missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaEastern Balochi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaEastern Magar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaEastern Muria missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaEastern Panjabi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaEastern Tamang missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaEnglish missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaFalam Chin missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaFar Western Muria missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGaddi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGade Lohar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGahri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGalo Adi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGamit missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGangte missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGarhwali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGaro missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGata' missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGoanese Konkani missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGodwari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGowlan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGowli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGroma missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGujarati DONE
IndiaRepublic of IndiaGujari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHajong missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHaka Chin missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHalbi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHarauti missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHaryanvi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHindi DONE
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHinduri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHmar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHo missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHoliya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHrangkhol missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaHruso missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaIdu-Mishmi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaIndo-Portuguese missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaInpui Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaIrula missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaJad missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaJangshung missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaJarawa missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaJaunsari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaJennu Kurumba missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaJuang missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaJuray missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKachari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKachchi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKachi Koli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKadar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKaikadi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKamar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKanashi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKanauji missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKangri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKanikkaran missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKanjari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKannada missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKarbi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKashmiri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKatkari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhaling missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhamba missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhamti missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhamyang missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhandesi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKharam Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKharia missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKharia Thar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhasi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhezha Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhiamniungan Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhirwar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhoibu Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhowar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKhumi Chin missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKinnauri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKinnauri Bhoti missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKinnauri Chitkuli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKinnauri Harijan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKoch missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKochila Tharu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKoda missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKodagu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKoireng missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKok Borok missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKom missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKonda-Dora missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKonkani DONE
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKonyak Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKoraku missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKorlai Creole Portuguese missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKorra Koraga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKorwa missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKota missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKoya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKudiya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKudmali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKui missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKukna missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKullu Oriya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKullu Pahari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKulung missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKumarbhag Paharia missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKumauni missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKupia missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKurichiya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKurmukar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKurumba missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKurux missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaKuvi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaLadakhi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaLahul Lohar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaLambadi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaLamkang missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaLepcha missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaLhomi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaLiangmai Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaLimbu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaLisu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaLodhi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaLotha Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMagahi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMahali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMahasu Pahari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMaithili missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMajhi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMajhwar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMal Paharia missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMalankuravan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMalapandaram missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMalaryan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMalavedan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMalayalam missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMaldivian missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMalvi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaManda missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMandeali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaManna-Dora missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMannan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMao Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMara Chin missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMaram Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMarathi DONE
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMaria missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMaring Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMarwari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMatu Chin missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMawchi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMeitei missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMerwari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMewari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMewati missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMiju-Mishmi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMina missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMirgan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMiri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMirpur Panjabi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMizo missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMoinba missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMonsang Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMoyon Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMru missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMudhili Gadaba missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMudu Koraga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMugom missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMukha-Dora missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMullu Kurumba missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMundari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMuthuvan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaMzieme Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNa missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNaga Pidgin missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNagarchal missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNahali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNahari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNefamese missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNepal Bhasa missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNepali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNihali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNimadi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNisi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNocte Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNoiri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNorthern Gondi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNorthern Rengma Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaNorthwestern Kolami missing
IndiaRepublic of India?nge missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaOriya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPaite Chin missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPaliyan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPalya Bareli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPanchpargania missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPangwali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPaniya missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPankhu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPao missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPardhan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPardhi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaParenga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaParsi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPattani missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPauri Bareli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPengo missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPhake missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPhom Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPhudagi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPnar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPochuri Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPottangi Ollar Gadaba missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPoumei Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPowari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPuimei Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPurik missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaPurum Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRabha missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRajbanshi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRajput Garasia missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRalte missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRana Tharu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRathawi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRathwi Bareli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRavula missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRawang missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRawat missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaReli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRepublic of Indian Sign Language missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRiang missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRongmei Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRongpo missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaRuga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSadri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSajalong missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSakechep missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSamvedi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSangtam Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSansi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSanskrit missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSantali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSauria Paharia missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSavara missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSavara missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSentinel missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaShekhawati missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaShendu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSherdukpen missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSherpa missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaShina missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSholaga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaShom Peng missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaShumcho missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSikkimese missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSimte missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSindhi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSingpho missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSirmauri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSora missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSoutheastern Kolami missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSouthern Gondi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSouthern Nicobarese missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSouthern Rengma Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSpiti Bhoti missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaStod Bhoti missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSulung missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSumi Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSunam missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSurajpuri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaSylheti missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTamil missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTangkhul Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTarao Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTase Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTedim Chin missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTelugu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTeressa missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaThado Chin missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaThangal Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaThulung missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTibetan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTinani missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTiwa missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaToda missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaToto missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTshangla missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTukpa missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTulu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTuri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaTutsa Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaUllatan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaUrali missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaUrdu missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaVaagri Booli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaVaiphei missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaVarhadi-Nagpuri missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaVarli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaVasavi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaVishavan missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaWaddar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaWadiyara Koli missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaWagdi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaWancho Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaWar missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaWestern Gurung missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaWestern Muria missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaWestern Panjabi missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaYakha missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaYerukula missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaYimchungru Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaZakhring missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaZangskari missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaZeme Naga missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaZome missing
IndiaRepublic of IndiaZyphe missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAbinomn missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAbui missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAbun missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAbung missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAceh missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAdang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAdonara missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAghu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAhe missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAiroran missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAlor missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAlune missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAmahai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAmarasi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAmbai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAmbelau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAmbonese Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAmpanang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAnakalangu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAnasi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAndio missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAngguruk Yali missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAnsus missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAnus missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAoheng missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAputai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAralle-Tabulahan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaArandai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaArguni missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAs missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAsilulu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAsue Awyu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAtohwaim missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAuye missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAwbono missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAwera missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAwyi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBacanese Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBada missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaB?di Kanum missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBadui missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBagusa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBaham missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBahau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBahau River Kenyah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBahonsuai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBakumpai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBakung Kenyah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBalaesang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBalantak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBali missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBali Sign Language missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBalinese Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBambam missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBanda missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBanda Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBanggai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBanjar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBantik missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBarakai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBarapasi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBaras missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBasap missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBatak Alas-Kluet missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBatak Angkola missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBatak Dairi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBatak Karo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBatak Mandailing missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBatak Simalungun missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBatak Toba missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBati missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBatuley missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBauzi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBayono missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBedoanas missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBekati' missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBenggoi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBengkulu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBentong missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBenyadu' missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBerau Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBerik missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBesoa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBetaf missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBetawi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBiak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBian Marind missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBiatah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBiga missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBilba missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBima missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBintauna missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBiritai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBlagar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBoano missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBoano missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBobongko missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBobot missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBolango missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBolongan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBonerate missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBonerif missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBonggo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBudong-Budong missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBugis missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBukar Sadong missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBukat missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBukit Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBukitan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBuli missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBunak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBungku missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBuol missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBurate missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBurmeso missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBuru missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBurumakok missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBurusu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBuruwai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBusami missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBusang Kayan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaBusoa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaCampalagian missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaCasuarina Coast Asmat missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaCentral Asmat missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaCentral Awyu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaCentral Masela missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaCia-Cia missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaCitak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaCoastal Konjo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaCoastal Saluan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDa'a Kaili missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDabe missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDakka missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDamal missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDampelas missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDao missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDawera-Daweloor missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDela-Oenale missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDem missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDemisa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDemta missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDengka missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDera missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDhao missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDiuwe missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDjongkang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDobel missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDohoi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDondo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDoutai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDubu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDuri missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDuriankere missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDusner missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDusun Deyah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDusun Malang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDusun Witu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaDuvle missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEast Damar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEast Makian missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEast Masela missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEast Tarangan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEastern Ngad'a missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEdera Awyu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEdopi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEipomek missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEkari missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaElpaputih missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaElseng missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEmbaloh missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEmplawas missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEmumu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEnde missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEnggano missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEnim missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEnrekang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaEritai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaErokwanas missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaFayu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaFoau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaFordata missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaGalela missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaGamkonora missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaGane missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaGayo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaGebe missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaGeser-Gorom missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaGorap missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaGorontalo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaGresi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHakka Chinese missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHamap missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHaruku missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHatam missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHelong missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHighland Konjo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHitu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHoruru missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHoti missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHovongan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHuaulu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHukumina missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHulung missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaHupla missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIban missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIbu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIha missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIha Based Pidgin missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIle Ape missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIli'uun missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaImroing missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIndonesian missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIndonesian Bajau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIndonesian Sign Language missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIrarutu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIresim missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIsirawa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaItik missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaIwur missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaJair Awyu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaJambi Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaJavanese missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKabola missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKaburi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKadai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKafoa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKahayan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKahumamahon Saluan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKaibobo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKaidipang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKaimbulawa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKais missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKaiy missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKalabra missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKalao missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKalumpang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKamang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKamarian missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKamaru missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKambera missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKamberau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKamoro missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKangean missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKao missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKapori missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKaras missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKarey missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKaron Dori missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKatingan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKaur missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKaure missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKauwera missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKawe missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKayagar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKayan Mahakam missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKayan River Kayan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKayan River Kenyah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKayeli missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKayu Agung missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKayupulau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKedang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKeder missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKehu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKei missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKelabit missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKelinyau Kenyah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKelon missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKemak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKembayan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKemberano missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKembra missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKemtuik missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKendayan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKeninjal missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKe'o missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKepo' missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKereho-Uheng missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKerinci missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKetengban missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKetum missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKimaama missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKimki missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKioko missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKirikiri missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKisar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKoba missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKodeoha missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKodi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKofei missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKohin missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKokoda missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKola missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKombai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKomering missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKomodo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKompane missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKomyandaret missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKonda missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKoneraw missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKopkaka missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKoroni missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKorowai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKorupun-Sela missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKosadle missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKosarek Yale missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKota Bangun Kutai Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKowiai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKrui missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKubu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKui missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKula missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKulisusu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKumbewaha missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKupang Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKur missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKuri missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKurudu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKwer missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKwerba missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKwerba Mamberamo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKwerisa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaKwesten missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLaba missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLaha missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLaiyolo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLamaholot missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLamalera missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLamatuka missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLamboya missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLamma missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLampung missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLand Dayak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLara' missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLarike-Wakasihu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLasalimu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLatu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLauje missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLaura missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLawangan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLedo Kaili missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLegenyem missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLematang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLembak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLemolang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLengilu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLepki missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLeti missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLevuka missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLewo Eleng missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLewotobi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLiabuku missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLiana-Seti missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLiki missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLindu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLintang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLi'o missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLisabata-Nuniali missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLisela missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLola missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLolak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLole missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLoloda missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLom missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLoncong missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLorang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLoun missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLower Grand Valley Dani missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLuang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLubu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLuhu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaLundayeh missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMa'anyan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMaba missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMaden missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMadura missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMahakam Kenyah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMai Brat missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMairasi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMaiwa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMakasar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMakassar Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMaklew missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMalay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMalayic Dayak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMalimpung missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMamasa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMamboru missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMamuju missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaManado Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMandar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMandarin Chinese missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMander missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMandobo Atas missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMandobo Bawah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaManem missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaManggarai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMangole missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaManikion missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaManipa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaManombai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaManusela missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMapia missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMarau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMaremgi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMarind missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMariri missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMasimasi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMasiwang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMassep missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMatbat missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMawes missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMa'ya missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMekwei missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMendalam Kayan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMentawai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMeoswar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMer missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMeyah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMid Grand Valley Dani missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMin Dong Chinese missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMin Nan Chinese missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMinangkabau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMlap missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaModang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaModole missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMoi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMolof missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMoma missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMombum missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMomina missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMomuna missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMongondow missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMoni missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMor missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMor missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMoraid missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMori Atas missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMori Bawah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMoronene missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMorori missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMoskona missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMpur missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMualang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMuko-Muko missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMuna missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMunggui missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMurkim missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaMusi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNafri missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNage missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNaka'ela missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNakai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNalca missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNapu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNarau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNdom missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNduga missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNedebang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNgad'a missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNgaju missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNgalum missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNggem missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNgk?lmpw Kanum missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNias missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNila missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNimboran missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNinggerum missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNinia Yali missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNipsan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNisa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNorth Asmat missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNorth Awyu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNorth Babar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNorth Korowai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNorth Moluccan Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNorth Muyu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNorth Nuaulu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNorth Wemale missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNusa Laut missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaNyadu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaObokuitai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaOgan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaOirata missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaOkolod missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaOnin missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaOnin Based Pidgin missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaOrmu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaOrya missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaOsing missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPadoe missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPagu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPaku missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPalembang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPalu'e missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPamona missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPanasuan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPancana missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPannei missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPapasena missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPapuma missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPasemah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPass Valley Yali missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPatani missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPaulohi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPekal missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPendau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPenesak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPerai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPeranakan Indonesian missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPetjo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPiru missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPodena missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPom missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPonosakan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPubian missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPunan Aput missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPunan Merah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPunan Merap missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPunan Tubu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPuragi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaPutoh missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRahambuu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRajong missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRampi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRanau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRasawa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRatahan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRawas missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRejang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRembong missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRetta missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRiantana missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRibun missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRinggou missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRiung missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRoma missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRongga missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaRoon missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSa'ban missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSabu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSahu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSajau Basap missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSalas missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSaleman missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSamarokena missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSanggau missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSangir missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSaparua missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSaponi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSara missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSarudu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSasak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSauri missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSause missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSawai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSaweru missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSawi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSawila missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSeberuang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSedoa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSegai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSeget missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSeit-Kaitetu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSekar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSeko Padang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSeko Tengah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSelako missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSelaru missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSelayar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSelungai Murut missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSeluwasan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSemandang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSembakung Murut missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSemendo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSemimi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSempan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSenggi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSentani missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSepa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSerawai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSerili missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSerua missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSerui-Laut missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSiang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSika missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSikaritai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSikule missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSilimo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSimeulue missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSindang Kelingi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSkou missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSm?rky Kanum missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSo'a missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSobei missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSota Kanum missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSouth Awyu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSouth Lembata missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSouth Muyu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSouth Nuaulu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSouth Wemale missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSoutheast Babar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSouthern Pesisir missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSowanda missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSuabo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSula missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSumbawa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSunda missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSungkai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaSuwawa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTabaru missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTabla missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTae' missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTagal Murut missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTaikat missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTaje missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTajio missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTalaud missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTaliabu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTaloki missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTalondo' missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTalur missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTamagario missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTaman missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTamnim Citak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTanahmerah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTandia missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTangko missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTarpia missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTause missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTausug missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTaworta missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTawoyan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTefaro missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTehit missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTela-Masbuar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTeluti missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTenggarong Kutai Malay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTengger missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTeor missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTereweng missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTermanu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTernate missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTetun missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTe'un missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTewa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTidong missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTidore missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTii missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaToala' missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTobati missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTobelo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTofanma missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTolaki missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTomadino missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTombelala missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTombulu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTomini missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTondano missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTonsawang missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTonsea missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTontemboan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTopoiyo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaToraja-Sa'dan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTotoli missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTowei missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTrimuris missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTsakwambo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTugun missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTugutil missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTukang Besi North missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTukang Besi South missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTulehu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTunggare missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaTunjung missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaUab Meto missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaUjir missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaUlumanda' missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaUma missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaUna missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaUnde Kaili missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaUpper Baram Kenyah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaUpper Grand Valley Dani missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaUruangnirin missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaUsku missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWabo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWae Rana missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWahau Kayan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWahau Kenyah missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWaigeo missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWaioli missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWakde missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWalak missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWambon missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWandamen missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWanggom missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWano missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWanukaka missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWarembori missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWares missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWaris missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWaritai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWarkay-Bipim missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWaropen missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWaru missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWatubela missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWauyai missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWawonii missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWejewa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWersing missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWest Damar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWest Lembata missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWest Makian missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWest Masela missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWest Tarangan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWestern Dani missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWoi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWolani missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWolio missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWoria missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaWotu missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYafi missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYahadian missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYalahatan missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYamdena missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYamna missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYaosakor Asmat missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYaqay missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYarsun missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYaur missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYawa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYei missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYelmek missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYeretuar missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYetfa missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYoke missing
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaYue Chinese missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranAimaq missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranAlviri-Vidari missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranAshtiani missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranAssyrian Neo-Aramaic missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranBakhtiari missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranBalkan Romani missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranBashkardi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranBrahui missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranCentral Kurdish missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranDezfuli missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranDomari missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranDzhidi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranEshtehardi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranGazi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranGeorgian missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranGilaki missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranGozarkhani missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranHarzani missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranHawrami missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranHazaragi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranJadgali missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranKabatei missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranKajali missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranKaringani missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranKazakh missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranKhalaj missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranKho'ini missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranKhorasani Turkish missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranKhunsari missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranKoresh-e Rostam missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranKoroshi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranLaki missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranLari missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranLasgerdi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranMandaic missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranMaraghei missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranMazanderani missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranMesopotamian Spoken Arabic missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranMuslim Tat missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranNatanzi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranNayini missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranNorthern Kurdish missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranNorthern Luri missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranNorthwestern Farsi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranParsi-Dari missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranPashto missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranPersian Gulf Spoken Arabic missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranPersian Sign Language DONE
IranIslamic Republic of IranQashqa'i missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranRazajerdi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranRudbari missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSalchuq missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSangisari missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSemnani missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSenaya missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranShahmirzadi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranShahrudi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSivandi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSoi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSorkhei missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSouth Azerbaijani missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSouthern Balochi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSouthern Kurdish missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSouthern Luri missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranSouthwestern Farsi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranTakestani missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranTalysh missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranTurkic Khalaj missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranTurkmen missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranUpper Taromi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranVafsi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranWestern Balochi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranWestern Farsi missing
IranIslamic Republic of IranZoroastrian Dari missing
IraqRepublic of IraqAdyghe missing
IraqRepublic of IraqAssyrian Neo-Aramaic missing
IraqRepublic of IraqBajelani missing
IraqRepublic of IraqCentral Kurdish missing
IraqRepublic of IraqChaldean Neo-Aramaic missing
IraqRepublic of IraqDomari missing
IraqRepublic of IraqGulf Spoken Arabic missing
IraqRepublic of IraqGurani missing
IraqRepublic of IraqJudeo-Iraqi Arabic missing
IraqRepublic of IraqKoy Sanjaq Surat missing
IraqRepublic of IraqMesopotamian Spoken Arabic missing
IraqRepublic of IraqNajdi Spoken Arabic missing
IraqRepublic of IraqNorth Mesopotamian Spoken Arabic missing
IraqRepublic of IraqNorthern Kurdish missing
IraqRepublic of IraqSarli missing
IraqRepublic of IraqShabak missing
IraqRepublic of IraqSouth Azerbaijani missing
IraqRepublic of IraqSouthern Kurdish missing
IraqRepublic of IraqStandard Arabic missing
IraqRepublic of IraqWestern Farsi missing
IrelandRepublic of IrelandEnglish missing
IrelandRepublic of IrelandIrish Gaelic DONE
IrelandRepublic of IrelandScots missing
IrelandRepublic of IrelandShelta missing
IsraelState of IsraelAdyghe missing
IsraelState of IsraelAmharic missing
IsraelState of IsraelBarzani Jewish Neo-Aramaic missing
IsraelState of IsraelBukharic missing
IsraelState of IsraelDomari missing
IsraelState of IsraelDzhidi missing
IsraelState of IsraelEastern Yiddish missing
IsraelState of IsraelEnglish missing
IsraelState of IsraelHebrew missing
IsraelState of IsraelHulaul? missing
IsraelState of IsraelIsraeli Sign Language missing
IsraelState of IsraelJudeo-Berber missing
IsraelState of IsraelJudeo-Georgian missing
IsraelState of IsraelJudeo-Iraqi Arabic missing
IsraelState of IsraelJudeo-Moroccan Arabic missing
IsraelState of IsraelJudeo-Tat missing
IsraelState of IsraelJudeo-Tripolitanian Arabic missing
IsraelState of IsraelJudeo-Tunisian Arabic missing
IsraelState of IsraelJudeo-Yemeni Arabic missing
IsraelState of IsraelLadino missing
IsraelState of IsraelLish?n Did?n missing
IsraelState of IsraelLishana Deni missing
IsraelState of IsraelLishanid Noshan missing
IsraelState of IsraelPolish missing
IsraelState of IsraelRomanian missing
IsraelState of IsraelRussian missing
IsraelState of IsraelSouth Levantine Spoken Arabic missing
IsraelState of IsraelStandard Arabic missing
IsraelState of IsraelTigrigna missing
IsraelState of IsraelYevanic missing
IsraelState of IsraelYiddish Sign Language missing
ItalyItalian RepublicAlbanian Arb?resh? missing
ItalyItalian RepublicBavarian missing
ItalyItalian RepublicCatalan-Valencian-Balear missing
ItalyItalian RepublicCimbrian missing
ItalyItalian RepublicCorsican missing
ItalyItalian RepublicEmiliano-Romagnolo missing
ItalyItalian RepublicFranco-Proven?al missing
ItalyItalian RepublicFrench missing
ItalyItalian RepublicFriulian missing
ItalyItalian RepublicItalian DONE
ItalyItalian RepublicJudeo-Italian missing
ItalyItalian RepublicLadin missing
ItalyItalian RepublicLigurian missing
ItalyItalian RepublicLombard missing
ItalyItalian RepublicM?cheno missing
ItalyItalian RepublicNapoletano-Calabrese missing
ItalyItalian RepublicPiemontese missing
ItalyItalian RepublicProven?al missing
ItalyItalian RepublicRomani Balkan missing
ItalyItalian RepublicRomani Sinte missing
ItalyItalian RepublicRomani Vlax missing
ItalyItalian RepublicSardinian Campidanese missing
ItalyItalian RepublicSardinian Gallurese missing
ItalyItalian RepublicSardinian Logudorese missing
ItalyItalian RepublicSardinian Sassarese missing
ItalyItalian RepublicSicilian missing
ItalyItalian RepublicSlovenian missing
ItalyItalian RepublicVenetian missing
ItalyItalian RepublicWalser missing
JamaicaCommonwealth of JamaicaEnglish missing
JamaicaJamaicaJamaican Country Sign Language missing
JamaicaJamaicaJamaican Creole English missing
JapanJapanAinu missing
JapanJapanCentral Okinawan missing
JapanJapanJapanese DONE
JapanJapanKikai missing
JapanJapanKorean missing
JapanJapanKunigami missing
JapanJapanMiyako missing
JapanJapanNorthern Amami-Oshima missing
JapanJapanOki-No-Erabu missing
JapanJapanSouthern Amami-Oshima missing
JapanJapanToku-No-Shima missing
JapanJapanYaeyama missing
JapanJapanYonaguni missing
JapanJapanYoron missing
JerseyBailiwick of JerseyJ?rriaisDONE
JordanHashemite Kingdom of JordanAdyghe missing
JordanHashemite Kingdom of JordanChechen missing
JordanHashemite Kingdom of JordanDomari missing
JordanHashemite Kingdom of JordanJordanian Sign Language missing
JordanHashemite Kingdom of JordanLevantine Bedawi Spoken Arabic missing
JordanHashemite Kingdom of JordanNajdi Spoken Arabic missing
JordanHashemite Kingdom of JordanSouth Levantine Spoken Arabic missing
JordanHashemite Kingdom of JordanStandard Arabic missing
KazakhstanRepublic of KazakhstanDungan missing
KazakhstanRepublic of KazakhstanIli Turki missing
KazakhstanRepublic of KazakhstanKazakh missing
KazakhstanRepublic of KazakhstanPlautdietsch missing
KazakhstanRepublic of KazakhstanSinte Romani missing
KazakhstanRepublic of KazakhstanStandard German missing
KazakhstanRepublic of KazakhstanUyghur missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaBoni missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaBorana missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaBukusu missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaBurji missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaChonyi missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaChuka missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaCutchi-Swahili missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaDaasanach missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaDahalo missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaDigo missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaDuruma missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaEast Nyala missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaEastern Panjabi missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaEl Molo missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaEmbu missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaEndo missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaEnglish missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaGarreh-Ajuran missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaGikuyu missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaGiryama missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaGoanese Konkani missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaGujarati missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaGusii missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaIdakho-Isukha-Tiriki missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaKachchi missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaKalenjin missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaKamba missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaKenyan Sign Language missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaKuria missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaLogooli missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaLower Pokomo missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaLuo missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaLuyia missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaMaasai missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaMalakote missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaMeru missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaMwimbi-Muthambi missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaNorth Tugen missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaNubi missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaNyore missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaOkiek missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaOmani Spoken Arabic missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaOmotik missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaOrma missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaP?koot missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaRendille missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaSabaot missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaSagalla missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaSamburu missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaSanye missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaSomali missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaSuba missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaSwahili missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaTaita missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaTalai missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaTaveta missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaTeso missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaTharaka missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaTurkana missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaUpper Pokomo missing
KenyaRepublic of KenyaYaaku missing
KiribatiRepublic of KiribatiEnglish missing
KiribatiRepublic of KiribatiKiribati missing
KuwaitState of KuwaitGulf Spoken Arabic missing
KuwaitState of KuwaitMehri missing
KuwaitState of KuwaitStandard Arabic missing
KyrgyzstanKyrgyz RepublicDungan missing
KyrgyzstanKyrgyz RepublicKirghiz missing
KyrgyzstanKyrgyz RepublicRussian missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicAheu missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicAkha missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicAlak missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicArem missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicBit missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicBo missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicChut missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicCon missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicEastern Bru missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicHalang Doan missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicHani missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicHmong Daw missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicHmong Njua missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicHung missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicIr missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicIu Mien missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicJeh missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicJeng missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKado missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKaduo missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKang missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKasseng missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKataang missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKhlor missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKhmu missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKhua missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKhuen missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKim Mun missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKiorr missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKuan missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicKuy missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicLahu missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicLahu Shi missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicLamet missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicLao missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicLaos Sign Language missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicLave missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicLaven missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicLower Ta'oih missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicL? missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicMal missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicMaleng missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicMlabri missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicNgeq missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicNorthern Thai missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicNung missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicNyaheun missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicO'du missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicOng missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicOy missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicPacoh missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicPhai missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicPhana' missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicPhong-Kniang missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicPhu Thai missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicPhuan missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicPhunoi missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicPu Ko missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicPuoc missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicRien missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicSaek missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicSalang missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicSapuan missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicSila missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicS? missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicSok missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicSou missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicTai Daeng missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicTai Dam missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicTai D?n missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicTai Loi missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicTai Long missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicTai M?ne missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicTai N?a missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicTai Pao missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicTalieng missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicTareng missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicTay Khang missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicThe missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicUpper Ta'oih missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicWestern Katu missing
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicYoy missing
LatviaRepublic of LatviaBaltic Romani missing
LatviaRepublic of LatviaEastern Yiddish missing
LatviaRepublic of LatviaLatgalienDONE
LatviaRepublic of LatviaLatvian DONE
LatviaRepublic of LatviaLiv missing
LebanonLebanese RepublicEnglish missing
LebanonLebanese RepublicFrench missing
LebanonLebanese RepublicNorth Levantine Spoken Arabic missing
LebanonLebanese RepublicNorthern Kurdish missing
LebanonLebanese RepublicStandard Arabic missing
LesothoKingdom of LesothoEnglish missing
LesothoKingdom of LesothoPhuthi missing
LesothoKingdom of LesothoSouthern Sotho missing
LesothoKingdom of LesothoXhosa missing
LesothoKingdom of LesothoZulu missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaBandi missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaBarclayville Grebo missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaBassa missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaCentral Grebo missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaDan missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaDewoin missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaEastern Krahn missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaEnglish missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaGbii missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaGboloo Grebo missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaGlaro-Twabo missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaGlio-Oubi missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaGola missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaKlao missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaKonyanka Maninka missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaKuwaa missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaLiberia Kpelle missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaLiberian English missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaLoma missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaMann missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaManya missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaMende missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaNorthern Grebo missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaSapo missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaSouthern Grebo missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaSouthern Kisi missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaTajuasohn missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaTepo Krumen missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaVai missing
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaWestern Krahn missing
LibyaState of LibyaAwjilah missing
LibyaState of LibyaDomari missing
LibyaState of LibyaGhadam?s missing
LibyaState of LibyaLibyan Sign Language missing
LibyaState of LibyaLibyan Spoken Arabic missing
LibyaState of LibyaNafusi missing
LibyaState of LibyaSawknah missing
LibyaState of LibyaStandard Arabic missing
LibyaState of LibyaTahaggart Tamahaq missing
LiechtensteinF?rstentum LiechtensteinAlemannisch DONE
LiechtensteinF?rstentum LiechtensteinStandard German missing
LiechtensteinF?rstentum LiechtensteinWalsertitsch missing
LithuaniaRepublic of LithuaniaBaltic Romani missing
LithuaniaRepublic of LithuaniaKaraim missing
LithuaniaRepublic of LithuaniaLithuanian DONE
LithuaniaRepublic of LithuaniaRussian missing
LuxembourgGrand Duchy of LuxembourgFrench missing
LuxembourgGrand Duchy of LuxembourgLuxembourgeois missing
LuxembourgGrand Duchy of LuxembourgStandard German missing
MacedoniaRepublic of MacedoniaAdyghe missing
MacedoniaRepublic of MacedoniaBalkan Gagauz Turkish missing
MacedoniaRepublic of MacedoniaBalkan Romani missing
MacedoniaRepublic of MacedoniaGheg Albanian missing
MacedoniaRepublic of MacedoniaMacedo Romanian missing
MacedoniaRepublic of MacedoniaMacedonian DONE
MacedoniaRepublic of MacedoniaMegleno Romanian missing
MacedoniaRepublic of MacedoniaSerbian missing
MacedoniaRepublic of MacedoniaTurkish missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarAntankarana Malagasy missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarBara Malagasy missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarComorian missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarFrench missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarMadagascar Sign Language missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarMasikoro Malagasy missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarNorthern Betsimisaraka Malagasy missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarPlateau Malagasy missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarSakalava Malagasy missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarSouthern Betsimisaraka Malagasy missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarTandroy-Mahafaly Malagasy missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarTanosy Malagasy missing
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarTsimihety Malagasy missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiAfrikaans missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiEnglish missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiKachchi missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiKokola missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiLambya missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiMalawi Lomwe missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiMalawi Sena missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiNdali missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiNyakyusa-Ngonde missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiNyanja missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiTonga missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiTumbuka missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiYao missing
MalawiRepublic of MalawiZulu missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaAbai Sungai missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBaba Malay missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBakung Kenyah missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBalangingi missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBalau missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBanjar missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBaram Kayan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBatek missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBerawan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBesisi missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBiatah missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBintulu missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBonggi missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBookan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBrunei missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBugis missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBukar Sadong missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaBukitan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaCentral Dusun missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaCentral Sama missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaChavacano missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaChewong missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaCoastal Kadazan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaCocos Islands Malay missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaDaro-Matu missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaDuano' missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaDumpas missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaEastern Penan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaEnglish missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaGana missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaHakka Chinese missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaIban missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaIda'an missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaIranun missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaJagoi missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaJah Hut missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaJakun missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaJavanese missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaJehai missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKajaman missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKalabakan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKanowit missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKedah Malay missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKelabit missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKeningau Murut missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKensiu missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKimaragang missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKintaq missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKiput missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKlias River Kadazan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKota Marudu Talantang missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKota Marudu Tinagas missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaKuijau missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaLabuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaLahanan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaLanas Lobu missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaLanoh missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaLara' missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaLelak missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaLotud missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaLundayeh missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMadang missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMalaccan Creole Malay missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMalaccan Creole Portuguese missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMalay missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMalaysian Sign Language missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMandarin Chinese missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMapun missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMelanau missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMin Dong Chinese missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMin Nan Chinese missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMinokok missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMinriq missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMintil missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMolbog missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaMurik Kayan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaNarom missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaNegeri Sembilan Malay missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaOkolod missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaOrang Kanaq missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaOrang Seletar missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaPaluan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaPapar missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaPenang Sign Language missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaPunan Bah-Biau missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaPunan Batu 1 missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaPu-Xian Chinese missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaRejang Kayan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaRemun missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaRungus missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSabah Bisaya missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSabah Malay missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSa'ban missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSab?m missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSarawak Bisaya missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSebob Kenyah missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSebuyau missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSekapan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSelako missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSelangor Sign Language missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSelungai Murut missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSemai missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSemaq Beri missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSembakung Murut missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSemelai missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSemnam missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSeru missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSerudung Murut missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSian missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSibu missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSouthern Sama missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaSugut Dusun missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTagal Murut missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTambunan Dusun missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTamil missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTampias Lobu missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTanjong missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTatana missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTausug missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTebilung missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTemiar missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTemoq missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTempasuk Dusun missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTemuan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTidong missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTimugon Murut missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTombonuwo missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTonga missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTring missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTringgus missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTutoh Kenyah missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaTutong 1 missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaUkit missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaUpper Baram Kenyah missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaUpper Kinabatangan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaWest Coast Bajau missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaWestern Kenyah missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaWestern Penan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaWolio missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaYakan missing
MalaysiaMalaysiaYue Chinese missing
MaldivesRepublic of MaldivesEnglish missing
MaldivesRepublic of MaldivesMaldivian missing
MaliRepublic of MaliBamako Sign Language missing
MaliRepublic of MaliBamanankan missing
MaliRepublic of MaliBankagooma missing
MaliRepublic of MaliBomu missing
MaliRepublic of MaliBondum Dom Dogon missing
MaliRepublic of MaliDogul Dom Dogon missing
MaliRepublic of MaliDonno So Dogon missing
MaliRepublic of MaliDuungooma missing
MaliRepublic of MaliFrench missing
MaliRepublic of MaliHainyaxo Bozo missing
MaliRepublic of MaliHasanya Arabic missing
MaliRepublic of MaliHumburi Senni Songhay missing
MaliRepublic of MaliJahanka missing
MaliRepublic of MaliJalunga missing
MaliRepublic of MaliJamsay Dogon missing
MaliRepublic of MaliJenaama Bozo missing
MaliRepublic of MaliJowulu missing
MaliRepublic of MaliJula missing
MaliRepublic of MaliKagoro missing
MaliRepublic of MaliKita Maninkakan missing
MaliRepublic of MaliKolum So Dogon missing
MaliRepublic of MaliKoromf? missing
MaliRepublic of MaliKoyra Chiini Songhay missing
MaliRepublic of MaliKoyraboro Senni Songhay missing
MaliRepublic of MaliMaasina Fulfulde missing
MaliRepublic of MaliMamara Senoufo missing
MaliRepublic of MaliMarka missing
MaliRepublic of MaliM?or? missing
MaliRepublic of MaliNorthern Bobo Madar? missing
MaliRepublic of MaliPana missing
MaliRepublic of MaliPulaar missing
MaliRepublic of MaliPular missing
MaliRepublic of MaliS?m?m? missing
MaliRepublic of MaliS?c?t? S?noufo missing
MaliRepublic of MaliSoninke missing
MaliRepublic of MaliSupyire Senoufo missing
MaliRepublic of MaliSyenara Senoufo missing
MaliRepublic of MaliTadaksahak missing
MaliRepublic of MaliTamajaq missing
MaliRepublic of MaliTamasheq missing
MaliRepublic of MaliTene Kan Dogon missing
MaliRepublic of MaliTi?ma Ci?w? Bozo missing
MaliRepublic of MaliTi?yaxo Bozo missing
MaliRepublic of MaliTomo Kan Dogon missing
MaliRepublic of MaliToro So Dogon missing
MaliRepublic of MaliToro Tegu Dogon missing
MaliRepublic of MaliWestern Maninkakan missing
MaliRepublic of MaliXaasongaxango missing
MaliRepublic of MaliZarmaci missing
MaltaRepublic of MaltaEnglish missing
MaltaRepublic of MaltaMaltese DONE
Marshall IslandsRepublic of the Marshall IslandsEnglish missing
Marshall IslandsRepublic of the Marshall IslandsMarshallese missing
MartiniqueMartiniqueFrench missing
MartiniqueMartiniqueMartiniquean French Creole missing
MauritaniaIslamic Republic of MauritaniaHassaniyya missing
MauritaniaIslamic Republic of MauritaniaImeraguen missing
MauritaniaIslamic Republic of MauritaniaPulaar missing
MauritaniaIslamic Republic of MauritaniaSoninke missing
MauritaniaIslamic Republic of MauritaniaWolof missing
MauritaniaIslamic Republic of MauritaniaZenaga missing
MauritiusRepublic of MauritiusBhojpuri missing
MauritiusRepublic of MauritiusEnglish missing
MauritiusRepublic of MauritiusFrench missing
MauritiusRepublic of MauritiusMorisyen missing
MauritiusRepublic of MauritiusTamil missing
MauritiusRepublic of MauritiusUrdu missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAcatepec Tlapanec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAfro-Seminole Creole missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAlacatlatzala Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAlcozauca Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAlo?pam Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAmatl?n Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAmoltepec Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesApasco-Apoala Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAsunci?n Mixtepec Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAtatl?huca Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAtzingo Matlatzinca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAyautla Mazatec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAyoquesco Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAyutla Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesAzoy? Tlapanec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesBachaj?n Tzeltal missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCacaloxtepec Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCajonos Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCentral Huasteca Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCentral Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCentral Pame missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCentral Puebla Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCentral Tarahumara missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChamula Tzotzil missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChan Santa Cruz Maya missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChayuco Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChazumba Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChenalh? Tzotzil missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChiapanec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChicahuaxtla Triqui missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChichicapan Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChichimeca-Jonaz missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChigmecatitl?n Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChiltepec Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChimalapa Zoque missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChiquihuitl?n Mazatec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChoapan Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesChochotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCoatecas Altas Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCoatepec Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCoatl?n Mixe missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCoatl?n Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCoatzospan Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCocopa missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesComaltepec Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCopainal? Zoque missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCopala Triqui missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCoyotepec Popoloca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCoyutla Totonac missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesCuyamecalco Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesDiuxi-Tilantongo Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesDurango Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesEastern Highland Chatino missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesEastern Highland Otomi missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesEastern Huasteca Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesEl Alto Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesEl Nayar Cora missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesElotepec Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesEstado de M?xico Otomi missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesFilomena Mata-Coahuitl?n Totonac missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesFrancisco Le?n Zoque missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesGuerrero Amuzgo missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesGuerrero Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesGuevea de Humboldt Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesG?il? Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesHighland Oaxaca Chontal missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesHighland Popoluca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesHighland Puebla Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesHighland Totonac missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesHuarijio missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesHuautla Mazatec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesHuaxcaleca Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesHuehuetla Tepehua missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesHuichol missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesHuitepec Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesHuixt?n Tzotzil missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesIpalapa Amuzgo missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesIsthmus Mixe missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesIsthmus Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesIsthmus-Cosoleacaque Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesIsthmus-Mecayapan Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesIsthmus-Pajapan Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesItundujia Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesIxcatec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesIxcatl?n Mazatec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesIxtat?n Chuj missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesIxtayutla Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesIxtenco Otomi missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesJalapa de D?az Mazatec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesJamiltepec Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesJuquila Mixe missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesJuxtlahuaca Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesKickapoo missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesKiliwa missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesKumiai missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesLacandon missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesLachiguiri Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesLachirioag Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesLachix?o Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesLalana Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesLealao Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesLowland Oaxaca Chontal missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesLowland Tarahumara missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesLoxicha Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMagdalena Pe?asco Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMalinaltepec Tlapanec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMayo missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMazahua Central missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMazaltepec Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMazatl?n Mazatec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMazatl?n Mixe missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMetlat?noc Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMexican Sign Language missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMezontla Popoloca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMezquital Otomi missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMiahuatl?n Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMichoac?n Mazahua missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMichoac?n Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMitla Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMitlatongo Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMixtepec Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMixtepec Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMocho missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesMorelos Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesNopala Chatino missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesNorth Central Mixe missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesNorthern Mam missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesNorthern Oaxaca Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesNorthern Pame missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesNorthern Puebla Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesNorthern Tarahumara missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesNorthern Tepehuan missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesNorthern Tlaxiaco Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesNorthwest Oaxaca Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesOcotepec Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesOcotl?n Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesOjitl?n Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesOluta Popoluca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesOmetepec Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesOpata missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesOrizaba Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesOxchuc Tzeltal missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesOzolotepec Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesOzumac?n Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesOzumatl?n Totonac missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesPaipai missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesPalantla Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesPapantla Totonac missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesPatla-Chicontla Totonac missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesPe?oles Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesPetapa Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesPima Bajo missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesPinotepa Nacional Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesPisaflores Tepehua missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesPlautdietsch missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesPurepecha missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesQuer?taro Otomi missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesQuetzaltepec Mixe missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesQuiavicuzas Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesQuioquitani-Quier? Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesQuiotepec Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesRay?n Zoque missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesRinc?n Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Agust?n Mixtepec Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Andr?s Larrainzar Tzotzil missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Baltazar Loxicha Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Dionisio del Mar Huave missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Felipe Otlaltepec Popoloca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Francisco del Mar Huave missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Francisco Matlatzinca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Jer?nimo Tec?atl Mazatec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Juan Atzingo Popoloca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Juan Colorado Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Juan Guelav?a Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Juan Teita Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Lu?s Potos? Huastec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Lu?s Temalacayuca Popoloca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Marcos Tlalcoyalco Popoloca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Mart?n Itunyoso Triqui missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Mateo del Mar Huave missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Miguel el Grande Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Miguel Piedras Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Pedro Amuzgos Amuzgo missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Pedro Quiatoni Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSan Vicente Coatl?n Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSanta Catarina Albarradas Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSanta In?s Ahuatempan Popoloca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSanta In?s Yatzechi Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSanta Luc?a Monteverde Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSanta Mar?a del Mar Huave missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSanta Mar?a la Alta Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSanta Mar?a Quiegolani Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSanta Mar?a Zacatepec Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSanta Teresa Cora missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSantiago Lapagu?a Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSantiago Xanica Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSanto Domingo Albarradas Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSayula Popoluca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSeri missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSierra de Ju?rez Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSilacayoapan Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSindihui Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSinicahua Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSochiapan Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSoutheastern Huastec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSoutheastern Ixtl?n Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSoutheastern Nochixtl?n Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSoutheastern Puebla Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSoutheastern Tarahumara missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSoutheastern Tepehuan missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSouthern Puebla Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSouthern Rincon Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSouthwestern Tarahumara missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSouthwestern Tepehuan missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSouthwestern Tlaxiaco Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSoyaltepec Mazatec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSoyaltepec Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesSpanish missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTabaa Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTabasco Chontal missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTabasco Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTabasco Zoque missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTacahua Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTacanec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTamazola Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTataltepec Chatino missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTectitec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTejalapan Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTemascaltepec Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTemoaya Otomi missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTenango Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTenango Otomi missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTepetotutla Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTepeuxila Cuicatec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTepinapa Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTetelcingo Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTeutila Cuicatec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTexcatepec Otomi missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTexistepec Popoluca missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTexmelucan Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTezoatl?n Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTida? Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTijaltepec Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTila Chol missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTilapa Otomi missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTilquiapan Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTlachichilco Tepehua missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTlacoapa Tlapanec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTlacoatzintepec Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTlacolulita Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTlahuitoltepec Mixe missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTlalitzlipa Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTlamacazapa Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTlazoyaltepec Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTodos Santos Mam missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTojolabal missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTotomachapan Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTotontepec Mixe missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTumbal? Chol missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesTututepec Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesUsila Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesValle Nacional Chinantec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesVenustiano Carranza Tzotzil missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesVeracruz Huastec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesWestern Highland Chatino missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesWestern Highland Purepecha missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesWestern Huasteca Nahuatl missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesWestern Jacaltec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesWestern Juxtlahuaca Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesWestern Kanjobal missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesXadani Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesXanagu?a Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesXicotepec de Ju?rez Totonac missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYal?lag Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYaqui missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYareni Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYatee Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYatzachi Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYautepec Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYecuatla Totonac missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYoloxochitl Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYosond?a Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYucat?n Maya missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYucatec Maya Sign Language missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYucua?e Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesYutanduchi Mixtec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesZaachila Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesZacatepec Chatino missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesZaniza Zapotec missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesZenzontepec Chatino missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesZinacant?n Tzotzil missing
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesZoogocho Zapotec missing
MicronesiaMicronesiaChuukese missing
MicronesiaMicronesiaEnglish missing
MicronesiaMicronesiaNgatikese Creolemissing
MoldovaRepublic of MoldovaBalkan Romani missing
MoldovaRepublic of MoldovaGagauz missing
MoldovaRepublic of MoldovaMoldovamissing
MoldovaRepublic of MoldovaRomanian missing
MoldovaRepublic of MoldovaRussian missing
MonacoPrincipality of MonacoFrench missing
MonacoPrincipality of MonacoLigurian missing
MonacoPrincipality of MonacoProven?al missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaDarkhat missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaDaur missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaEvenki missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaHalh Mongolian missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaKalmyk-Oirat missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaKazakh missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaMandarin Chinese missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaMongolia Buriat missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaMongolianDONE
MongoliaState of MongoliaPeripheral Mongolian missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaRussian missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaTuvin missing
MongoliaState of MongoliaUyghur missing
MontenegroMontenegroAlbanian Gheg missing
MontenegroMontenegroBosnian missing
MontenegroMontenegroMontenegrin DONE
MontenegroMontenegroRomani Balkan missing
MontenegroMontenegroRomani Sinte missing
MontenegroMontenegroRomano-Serbian missing
MontenegroMontenegroSerbian missing
MontserratMontserratEnglish missing
MontserratMontserratMontserrat Creole English missing
MoroccoKingdom of MoroccoCentral Atlas Tamazight missing
MoroccoKingdom of MoroccoHassaniyya Arabic missing
MoroccoKingdom of MoroccoJudeo-Moroccan Arabic missing
MoroccoKingdom of MoroccoMoroccan Sign Language missing
MoroccoKingdom of MoroccoMoroccan Spoken Arabic missing
MoroccoKingdom of MoroccoSpanish missing
MoroccoKingdom of MoroccoStandard Arabic missing
MoroccoKingdom of MoroccoTachelhit missing
MoroccoKingdom of MoroccoTarifit missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueBarwe missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueChopi missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueChuwabu missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueDema missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueKokola missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueKoti missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueKunda missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueLolo missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueLomwe missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMaindo missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMakhuwa missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMakhuwa-Marrevone missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMakhuwa-Meetto missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMakhuwa-Moniga missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMakhuwa-Saka missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMakhuwa-Shirima missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMakonde missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMakwe missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueManyawa missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueManyika missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMarenje missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMozambican Sign Language missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueMwani missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueNathembo missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueNdau missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueNgoni missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueNsenga missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueNyanja missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueNyungwe missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiquePhimbi missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiquePortuguese missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueRonga missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueSena missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueSwahili missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueSwati missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueTakwane missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueTawara missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueTewe missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueTonga missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueTsonga missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueTswa missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueYao missing
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueZulu missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarAchang missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarAkha missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarAnal missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarAnu missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarArakanese missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarAsho Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarBawm Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarBlang missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarBrek Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarBualkhaw Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarBurmese missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarBwe Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarChak missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarChaungtha missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarChinbon Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarChittagonian missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarDaai Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarDanau missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarEastern Kayah missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarFalam Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarGangte missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarGeba Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarGeko Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarHaka Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarHmong Njua missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarHpon missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarHrangkhol missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarIntha missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarJingpho missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarKado missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarKayan missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarKhamti missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarKhiamniungan Naga missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarKhmu missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarKhumi Awa Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarKhumi Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarKh?n missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarKiorr missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarLahta Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarLahu missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarLahu Shi missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarLama missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarLamkang missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarLaopang missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarLashi missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarLisu missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarLopi missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarL? missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarLui missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarMahei missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarManumanaw Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarMara Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarMaru missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarMeitei missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarMizo missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarMoken missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarMon missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarMro Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarM?n Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarNga La missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarNgawn Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarNorra missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarNung missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarPaite Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarPaku Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarPale Palaung missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarPalu missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarPankhu missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarPa'o Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarParauk missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarPurum missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarPwo Eastern Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarPwo Western Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarPyen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarRalte missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarRawang missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarRiang missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarRumai Palaung missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarSamtao missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarSansu missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarSenthang Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarS'gaw Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarShan missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarShwe Palaung missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarSiyin Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarTai Loi missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarTai N?a missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarTaman missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarTase Naga missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarTaungyo missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarTavoyan missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarTawr Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarTedim Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarThado Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarWa missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarWelaung missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarWestern Kayah missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarWewaw missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarYangbye missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarYinbaw Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarYinchia missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarYintale Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarYos missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarZaiwa missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarZayein Karen missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarZome missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarZotung Chin missing
MyanmarUnion of MyanmarZyphe missing
NamibiaRepublic of Namibia!X?? missing
NamibiaRepublic of Namibia=|Kx'au||'ein missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaAfrikaans missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaDiriku missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaEnglish missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaFwe missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaHai||om missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaHerero missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaJu|'hoan missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaKung-Ekoka missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaKwambi missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaKwangali missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaKwanyama missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaKxoe missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaLozi missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaMashi missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaMbalanhu missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaMbukushu missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaNama missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaNamibian Sign Language missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaNaro missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaNdonga missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaSubiya missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaTotela missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaTswana missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaVasekela Bushman missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaYeyi missing
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaZemba missing
NauruRepublic of NauruChinese Pidgin English missing
NauruRepublic of NauruEnglish missing
NauruRepublic of NauruNauruan missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalAngika missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalAthpariya missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalAwadhi missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalBagheli missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalBahing missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalBantawa missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalBaraamu missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalBelhariya missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalBengali missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalBhojpuri missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalBodo missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalBote-Majhi missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalBujhyal missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalByangsi missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalCamling missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalChantyal missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalChaudangsi missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalChepang missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalChhintange missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalChhulung missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalChitwania Tharu missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalChukwa missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalDangaura Tharu missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalDarai missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalDarmiya missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalDhanwar missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalDhimal missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalDolpo missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalDumi missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalDungmali missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalDzongkha missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalEastern Gorkha Tamang missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalEastern Gurung missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalEastern Magar missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalEastern Meohang missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalEastern Parbate missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalEastern Tamang missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalGamale Kham missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalHelambu Sherpa missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalHindi missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalHumla missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalJerung missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalJirel missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalJumli missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKagate missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKaike missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKathoriya Tharu missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKayort missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKhaling missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKochila Tharu missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKoi missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKulung missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKumauni missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKumhali missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKurmukar missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKutang Ghale missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalKyerung missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalLambichhong missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalLepcha missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalLhomi missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalLimbu missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalLingkhim missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalLowa missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalLumba-Yakkha missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalMaithili missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalMajhi missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalManangba missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalMarwari missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalMugom missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalMundari missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalMusasa missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalNaaba missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalNachering missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalNar Phu missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalNepal Bhasa missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalNepalese Sign Language missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalNepali missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalNepali Kurux missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalNorthern Ghale missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalNorthern Lorung missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalNorthwestern Tamang missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalNubri missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalPalpa missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalPhangduwali missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalPongyong missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalPuma missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalRajbanshi missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalRaji missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalRana Tharu missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalRaute missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalRawat missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalSaam missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalSampang missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalSantali missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalSeke missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalSherpa missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalSheshi Kham missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalSonha missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalSouthern Ghale missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalSouthern Lorung missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalSouthwestern Tamang missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalSunwar missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalThakali missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalThangmi missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalThudam missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalThulung missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalTibetan missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalTichurong missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalTilung missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalTomyang missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalTseku missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalTsum missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalWalungge missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalWambule missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalWayu missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalWestern Gurung missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalWestern Magar missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalWestern Meohang missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalWestern Parbate missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalWestern Tamang missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalYakha missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalYamphe missing
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalYamphu missing
Netherlands AntillesNetherlands AntillesNetherlands Antilles Creole English missing
Netherlands AntillesNetherlands AntillesPapiamentu missing
NetherlandsNetherlandsAchterhoeks missing
NetherlandsNetherlandsDrents missing
NetherlandsNetherlandsGronings missing
NetherlandsNetherlandsLimburgs missing
NetherlandsNetherlandsSallands missing
NetherlandsNetherlandsSinte Romani missing
NetherlandsNetherlandsStellingwerfs missing
NetherlandsNetherlandsTwents DONE
NetherlandsNetherlandsVeluws missing
NetherlandsNetherlandsVlaams missing
NetherlandsNetherlandsVlax Romani missing
NetherlandsNetherlandsWest FrisianDONE
NetherlandsNetherlandsZeeuws missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaAji? missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaArh? missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaArh? missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaBislama missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaBwatoo missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaCaac missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaCemuh? missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaDehu missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaDumbea missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaEast Futuna missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaFrench missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaFw?i missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaHaeke missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaHaveke missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaHmwaveke missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaIaai missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaJawe missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaKumak missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaMea missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaNeku missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaNemi missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaNengone missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaNew Caledonian Javanese missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaNumee missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaNy?layu missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaOrowe missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaPaic? missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaPije missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaPwaamei missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaPwapwa missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaTayo missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaTiri missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaVamale missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaWallisian missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaWest Uvean missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaX?r?c?? missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaXaragure missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaYuaga missing
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaZire missing
New ZealandNew ZealandEnglish missing
New ZealandNew ZealandMaori missing
New ZealandNew ZealandNew Zealand Sign Language missing
New ZealandNew ZealandPitcairn-Norfolk missing
NicaraguaRepublic of NicaraguaGarifuna missing
NicaraguaRepublic of NicaraguaM?skito missing
NicaraguaRepublic of NicaraguaNicaragua Creole English missing
NicaraguaRepublic of NicaraguaNicaraguan Sign Language missing
NicaraguaRepublic of NicaraguaRama missing
NicaraguaRepublic of NicaraguaSpanish missing
NicaraguaRepublic of NicaraguaSumo-Mayangna missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerAlgerian Saharan Spoken Arabic missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerBilma Kanuri missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerCentral Kanuri missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerCentral-Eastern Niger Fulfulde missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerDazaga missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerFrench missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerGourmanch?ma missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerHassaniyya Arabic missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerHausa missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerLibyan Spoken Arabic missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerManga Kanuri missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerShuwa Arabic missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerTagdal missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerTahaggart Tamahaq missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerTasawaq missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerTawallammat Tamajaq missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerTayart Tamajeq missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerTedaga missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerTumari Kanuri missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerWestern Niger Fulfulde missing
NigerRepublic of the NigerZarma missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAbanyom missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAbon missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAbua missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAbureni missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAdamawa Fulfulde missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAduge missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAfade missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAgatu missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAgoi missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAgwagwune missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of Nigeria?h?n missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAke missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAkpa missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAkpes missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAkuku missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAkum missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAlago missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAlege missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAlumu-Tesu missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAmbo missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAmo missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAnaang missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of Nigeria?nc? missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaArigidi missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAshe missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAsu missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAtsam missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAwak missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAyere missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAyu missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaBaan missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaBaangi missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaBaatonum missing
NigeriaFederal Republic of Nige