Was denken Sie über diese Projekt?

Little King JCI It’s one of the best collaborative projects I’ve ever seen in JCI involving LOM’s, NOM’s and senators from all areas.

Kjell Peterson - 1983 JCI World President

Little King JCI is a wonderful celebration of the JCI Creed! This project, began by the JCI European Senate Association, is an incredible example of Collaboration and Impact among local organizations, national organizations, and senators around the globe. It is designed to foster the ideas of Partnership, which is the starting point for community impact projects to further the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The combination of our creed that unites us together and the diversity showcased in our many different languages and cultures is truly the strength of our organization. When we come together, and work together, we create Positive Change and Build a Better Future because We are JCI! Let’s show our strength and translate the Little King JCI into over 1,000 languages!

Dawn Hetzel - 2017 JCI World President

Let’s face it: This project Little King JCI moves fast like a Porsche and it helps the UN and the UNESCO to preserve indigenous languages - it serves the SDGs and it is fun to read. Bring your languages to the project - translate the short story of little king JCI !

Alexander Tio - 2019 JCI World President